PUMA Politics: How Dare Barack Obama Run For President

As I think almost every person on the planet knows, today is the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on America by Fundamentalist Islamic Jihadists.  I do not think that I am alone in trying to not think about that horrendous trauma and the subsequent rape of individual freedoms when the Patriot Act was passed by our spineless Congress, which marked the secondary attack by the terrorists. Our Founding Fathers wept.

That being said, I am writing a post, for the first time, about how this moment in history is and should be affecting our election this fall.  Although Barack Obama and John McCain have decided not to be political on this day; I think it is more than fitting to be political in such a year, and years as we have seen.  But first, I wanted to put up a memorial 9/11 video by onevietkid because it may help the readers understand the title of this post and what follows….

As much as I hate to agree with the current administration, somebody has been keeping America attack free for the last 7 years.  Alot of someones have been putting country first, as all of us should throughout each day of our lives as we have been blessed to be born American Citizens.  That being said, I must state loudly and unequivocally:

Barack Obama, How Dare You Run For President!!

How Dare You Put Your Inexperienced, Empty Chair Out In Front Of The American Public As A Choice For President!

How Dare You!!!

Do I think that a Barack Obama administration would continue to keep us from being attacked again?  No.

Do I think that a junior senator from Chicago with 143 days of experience in the Senate before he started running for the presidency is going to keep us safe and move our country forward; here and internationally? No.

Do I think that a candidate that lacks foreign relations, combat, economic, executive, or war experience will make a good president in these times? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!    No…

Do I think that a candidate that has never chaired one of his own committees in the Senate will be able to put a worthy cabinet together, delegate responsiblity and lead a country?  No.

Do I think that a community organizer than has been endorsed by every terrorist nation in the world is going to look like a strong leader not to be f*cked with? No.

Do I think that a candidate than cannot even run a presidential campaign against the opposition without attacking the opposing vice presidential candidate every despicable way possible, has the good judgement to know which battles to fight? No.

Do I think that a candidate that stayed in an Anti-American church while race-hate was being preached has the testicular fortitude not to blink at a crucial, dangerous moment? No.

Do I think that a candidate that gamed the primaries can somehow become honest in the White House and believe in country first before individual ego? No.

Do I think that a candidate that has so many questionable associates and “mentors” who either hated on America verbally, or bombed America literally is going to keep our constitution safe? No.

Do I think that a candidate that voted to give immunity to the telecom companies so that they may continue to wiretap Americans without impunity will guard our freedoms? No.

Do I think that a “citizen of the world” who throws rock concerts, beer fests and speeches in foreign nations instead of meeting Americans that are being hardest hit by the price of oil and food, actually puts country first? No.

Do I think that a candidate who would not travel to honor/visit wounded troops will be thinking about those lives he may have to put into harm’s way with one decision? No.

Do I think that Barack Obama is in this race for himself and to trade up to a bigger house, more prestige and to make unprecedented American History as the first (half white/half) black president? Yes.  Do I think he and Mishy have been all jacked up about that history fact since they met? Probably.  All Ego, All The Time.

Does Michelle Obama and her very special brand of racism scare the bejesus out of me and mine? Yes. Do I think that Gumby scurries away to hide when Mishy looks at him sideways? Yes.

Do I think that many hostile, terrorist filled nations are just salivating while they wait for Americans to do something unbelievably stupid and downright moronic as electing Barack Obama?  OH YEAH!

(I am sure there are more reasons that you my dear readers can add in comments…)

I would be a fool to vote for Barack Obama because he has not shown good judgement in his choice of associates or decision making abilities; his deception and allowing of gaming of the primaries in his favor,  or his spineless waffling on every major issue.

I would be a fool to vote for Barack Obama because I believe he is WEAK AND SPINELESS and will allow our country to be overrun by the very same assholes that bombed us 7 years ago because he will blink when he should have stood tall.

Fundamentalist Islamic Jihadists believe that if you will not convert, you will then die.  Enough Said.

Barack, How Dare You Run For President!

You may be a fool, but I am not.


I continue to JUST SAY NO DEAL!!!!!!!

8 Responses to “PUMA Politics: How Dare Barack Obama Run For President”
  1. sam*i*am says:

    you summed it up perfectly. now we need the mean british lady to glare at bambi and announce…”you are the weakest link….goodbye”

  2. diamondtiger says:

    Sam, you rock! Everyone here at my house is laughing their butts off!


  3. Denise-Mary says:

    This was outstanding – thank you so much!

  4. Brilliant! You just said it all…
    What did you think of gumby THROWING his rose into the water wishing well fashion?
    Hmmmm…I bet I can guess what his wish was too:
    “Please make me president…then Michelle can’t tell me what to do anymore, Waaaaaaaaa”
    Or something like that.
    Disgusting….he would be putty in Putin’s hands…….

  5. insightanalytical says:

    Excellent rundown! What a joke! And then I have to hear Charlie Gibson sneer at Palin’s experience!!!

    Now, how about a little quiz?? Speaking of experience….How would Gibson treat THIS person???

    “Who is this Democratic Governor? Considered Presidential Timber after being Elected to Public Office for the First Time…But It’s Sarah Palin Who is “Inexperienced” ?”


    Read through the resume and take a guess! (answer at any of the sources listed at the end….)

  6. Excellent, DT. We KNOW you are no fool, and soon, the DNC will know a whole BUNCH of us aren’t fools, or fooled by their selected candidate…

    Oh, and I LOVE your sidebar abt this being a safe space. Good for you, Diamond Tiger, for setting those boundaries. Well done! There are too few safe spaces for those of us who don’t drink Kool Aide…

  7. Zvia Devito says:


    On the 9/11 Memorial’s day, to see Obama threwing the rose on the air,as a piece of trash, I felt disgusted from this low-life person. Michelle didn’t attend the 9/11 Ceremony, she didn’t want to offend Louis Farrakan, William Ayers , Wright and others . Then she lies, by saying she had to pre[are her daughter for the first day in school, while she was on the most tragic day in American’s history,9/11 day, campaigning for Obama. Yes, HOW DARE YOU,OBAMA, RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT, HOW DARE HE.
    Obam and his gangs are dangerous for America.

  8. A.O.B says:


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