PUMA Politics: Someone Needs To Let The Dems Know They Are DONE

At What Point Is America Going To Look At The Big Picture?

At What Point Is America Going To Look At The Big Picture?

Let’s look at the timeline of paybacks, shall we:

1. The DNC allows the MSM to shred Hillary Clinton and does not stand up for her, but goes to bat every time somebody even looks sideways at Gumby.

2. The Wisconsin Democratic Party strips Clinton Delegate Debbie Bartosevich of her delegate credentials after they learn that she is going to vote for John McCain in the fall.

3. The Colorado Democratic Party threatens and intimidates Sacha Millstone when her personal emails are outted by the Obamanation.

4. PUMAs reporting democratic delegation intimidation at convention.

4. Now it is Joe Lieberman’s turn.

According to the Associated Press:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Democrats hinted at payback Thursday for Sen. Joe Lieberman, who called Barack Obama an untested candidate beholden to Democratic interest groups in a prime-time Republican National Convention address.

Lieberman, a Democrat-turned-independent and a close friend of Republican presidential candidate John McCain, still caucuses with Democrats, which allows them to control the Senate with a 51-49 majority . A spokesman for Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., indicated Thursday that Lieberman may no longer be welcome.

“Lieberman went too far when he distorted Sen. Obama’s record,” said Reid spokesman Jim Manley. “From Reid’s perspective, (Lieberman) has every right to give a partisan speech to whomever he wants. But he doesn’t have the right to distort Sen. Obama’s record like that. Sen. Reid was very disappointed in Lieberman’s speech.”

Added Manley: “The Democratic caucus will likely revisit Lieberman’s situation after the November elections.”

Asked if Reid was putting Lieberman on notice, Manley replied: “Without overplaying it, the answer is, yes.”

Manley refused to discuss what options Democrats might consider in dealing with Lieberman.

“There is no plan,” Manley said. “I assume this is something the Democratic caucus will discuss after the elections in November.”

Since when did the Democratic Party and Barack Obama become the gods of us all and tell people how to vote, who to support and who to campaign for? Oh sh**, I forgot…..May 31st, 2008 when the RBC told 600,000 Michigan voters who they really meant to vote for and the death of Democracy began and was finished with the sham roll call vote in Denver.

At what point is the rest of America (all parties) going to stand up and tell the Democratic Party to FRAK OFF because THEY ARE DONE! When we will no longer allow this corrupt behavior in America by Americans? Wasn’t the whole “you are racists if you don’t vote for Obama” an adequate wake up call? Doesn’t this progression of behavior make you raise an eyebrow, and think about past leaders in the world?

Get Over Yourselves, DNC!! And to those 20% – 30% of Hillary supporters that are now supporting the Obamanation, just think about what might happen to you if they do this to their own. Just sayin’….

Donna Officiating Over The Death Of Democracy 5/31/08

Donna Officiating Over The Death Of Democracy 5/31/08


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