PUMA 4 Palin: Stupid Is As Stupid Does

I had to background process on whether or not to put these vids up, but then I decided that America does need to see what The Obamanation is all about.  These are not freak of nature incidents; this is emblematic of what PUMAs, Just Say No Dealers and anyone who really sees Gumby for what he is has been enduring for months.  I knew this was going to happen when McCain chose Palin and wrote a sidebar item saying that I would no longer allow the Obamanation to post comments on my site.  This deserves to be seen by the American Public that has NOT been on this journey with us and is just joining the presidential race discussion.  These vids are the reason that PUMAs exist and did not go back to their lives when Gumby was selected/not elected.

I would like to send out a tip of the hat to PUMA Pac, Uppity Woman and No Quarter for having the testicular fortitude to post these first.  Please be advised that the first one is truly beyond nasty and will either make you cry or make you ragin’ pissed off (or both).  This is truly the reason that the voting age should be raised to 26, since pretty much everybody below that age is not concious yet. If you want to see the video from which the above pic was taken, just check my pod in the sidebar – 1st video.  After watching that, you will understand why The Obamanation thinks it is okay to bash women.

Sir, may I please have a platter of misogyny with a side of stupidity?  Hold the salt….

UPDATE:  10/2/08

Go here if you really want to see just how stupid I think Governor Palin is.

2 Responses to “PUMA 4 Palin: Stupid Is As Stupid Does”
  1. Nobama says:

    This has been a tumultuous year and many of us have been forced to come to terms with a new, distasteful reality. I never could have imagined that the Democratic party could have become so corrupt, so perverted as to be silent in the face of racism, misogyny, the race card, and to have so twisted and ignored the rules in order to select a candidate irrespective of the will of the people.

    After all the crap heaped onto Hillary, we’re now seeing the exact same thing being done to Governor Sarah Palin, John McCain’s choice for VP. People, the same character assassins and media that attacked Hillary are now attacking Sarah Palin.

    As Senator Joe Lieberman says, “the Democratic party has changed dramatically since 2000.” He’s absolutely right! Also, the media changed dramatically about 10 years ago. It was appalling how leftists like the Kossaks went after Lieberman a couple years ago. For me, it was a wake up call, along with how they reacted to the 2006 Lebanon war.

    I’m just a regular old liberal Democrat who has fought for 45 years for civil rights, human rights, women’s rights, and an end to the Vietnam war after having served in the US Army there. I’ve been voting for Democrats for 40 years and never cared much for the Republican party. Now, after all we’ve been through this year and because of what I’ve learned about 0bama these last several months, I’ll be supporting McCain-Palin.

    Harriet Christian was just on Cavuto. She’s supporting McCain-Palin, too. Neil asked her about the pro-life thing, and Harriet, a pro-choice Dem, said it didn’t matter. My wife is staunchly pro-choice but it doesn’t matter to her, either. We know that the choice thing isn’t an issue. Roe is settled law and we won’t be intimidated by the likes of Donna Brazile into voting for Obama. No, we won’t.

    Harriet said she belongs to a new group called The New Agenda. You can read something about it here:

    RealClearPolitics – Articles – It’s No Longer Just About Hillary

    Everyone owns their own vote and we’re all free to vote as we wish. I’ve now become an advocate for McCain-Palin because they are not afraid of butting heads with the party establishment and they have a proven record of working with Democrats. This country will be far better off with them for the time being. The Democratic party, as it exists today, needs to be utterly destroyed and rebuilt from the ground up if it is to represent the majority of registered Democrats. This current takeover by Marxist, socialist, black liberation leftists should doom the party anyway. It’s pretty tough to win with their agenda but they’ve gotten better at hiding it and deluding the American public. There’s a damn good reason why Islamic extremists and leftists in other countries support Obama. He’d dangerously weaken this country and its economy.

    So vote as you wish but just realize what you’re really doing. You may not like Palin’s NRA membership (other famous Dems have been members) or her pro-life stance, her hunting or some other aspect but I’m saying those things don’t matter in this election. What matters most right now is character and integrity, a strong desire for energy independence, a strong economy, and a strong America. There’s way too much corruption in Washington but John McCain and Sarah Palin can do a lot about it. Obama is part of it. You’re either a part of the problem or a part of the solution.

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