PUMA Politics: Palin…Walking The Talk

If you have not heard the whole story about Governor Palin and her daughter’s pregnancy, then you definitely have to pick up a newspaper, turn on the television, or jump on the internet.  It is important that you understand what is happening to understand the contrast.

I personally do not give a flying super secret squirrel’s swooshy tail if this young woman is pregnant.  That is exclusively her family’s business; not mine, not yours, not anybody’s.  This does reinforce a point that has been giving me a chill up my spine ever since the Reverend Jeremiah Wright story broke at the beginning of the year, and one of the most important reasons why I cannot and will not vote for Barack Obama.   I have seen a few folks on the blogs comment about this but I have not seen a post about this progression of thought in the blogosphere and it is just one more of those brain candy morsels.

The liberal left keeps hammering on Governor Palin as being Pro-Life and very anti-Abortion.  She and her family stand by their belief system; decide to “walk the talk” and keep this baby.  Two days after Governor Palin is introduced as Senator McCain’s running mate, she comes out and announces this incredibly personal family business in response to the liberal left blogs smearing her, her daughter, her husband and her entire family.  I wonder how much spine one must have to do what Governor Palin just did? According to some of the press stories I have read, this baby is an “open secret” in Alaska.  The Alaskans do not seem to be up in arms about it, and I personally think that people need to pull their heads out of the sand.  It is 2008 already; life happens; go with it.  June Cleaver; I am not.

Now I know you are probably sitting there scratching your heads wondering “Tigger, where are you going with this?”  We already know that unless a person is seriously drinking the koolaid, the general public does not believe that Obama did not know what Jeremiah Wright was preaching at Trinity United.  That is a given.  We all know that Gumby has no spine or he would not have waffled around for a month deciding what to do about Rev. Wright.  Another given.  What you may not have thought about is this.

Senator Barack Obama and Mrs. Obama took their two young daughters to this church.

I think I am going to let that sink in a bit.

Are you a parent?

Is your head going to explode?

Governor Palin showing a spine of steel, following her belief system and supporting her family come what may….(sounds like another woman we all know)

Barack Obama stating he did not know and taking his children to listen to Black Liberation Theology…..


A little refresher course in fact; not fiction, not smearing….

Be advised….Adult Language

4 Responses to “PUMA Politics: Palin…Walking The Talk”
  1. Heidi says:

    Amen! I am a lifelong Democrat who supported Hillary. A woman in her 40’s looking to have children and a child of a mother who had me at age 43 (after 11 children) who is NOW TODAY declaring my support for PALIN!!!

    I am sickend by Obama supporters and bloggers rudely citing how Palin’s’ child was a mistake??? Do you believe all children who have a disability are a mistake??? WOW. This is really scary rhetoric from someone who flaunts change and who must believe killing a child due to a disability is the right thing to do?

    I am also changing my affiliation today because the Dems (my soon to be old party) are stating that a 17 year old girl having a child is a mistake. Wasn’t your candidate born to a teenage mother, too?

    The fact that they would rather abort a child, consider themselves Pro-Choice (unless you choose to have that child, then you should abort a child and there is no choice), is disgusting.

    So thank you all you Dems out there for stirring me down the path from supporting Hillary to now Palin. A mother, governor, strong outdoors woman, sportsman, maverick and by far more than any of you can say – a woman who believes in FAMILY.


  2. Mary Ellen says:

    Hi kiddo!

    Wow, this post is right on! I can’t figure out how the Obamabots could be screaming that Sarah Palin is a hypocrite, when in fact she practices what she preaches, which is anti abortion. If her daughter or she had an abortion, that would be hypocritical. Standing by your daughter in a time like this is something to be admired. And anyone who thinks that teens will do everything their parents say, must be from another planet. After raising three girls and a boy through their teens….no matter how much I’ve told them what to do and what not to do, they went their own way.

    I wrote a post today about the stupidity of the Bots and their smear campaign against Sarah Palin and you might be interested in the column John Kass wrote today. I have it in my post. He really slammed the Bots and Daily Kos. It was hilarious! But his point was great…you don’t go after the kids of candidates.

    Darned if I don’t love this blog of yours! It’s the best!

  3. diamondtiger says:


    Thanks for stopping by and passing on some of your immense wisdom. I will be calling on you very soon I think for some of that common sense when it comes to teens.


  4. Heidi says:

    As a new blogger since the Dems went after Palin, I must add one item for my fellow Democrats to think about — where would this world be without strong mothers and families?

    Case in point. I am 41 years old and the youngest of 12 kids. My mother is 85 years old and still active. She was the youngest of 5 mid-western daughters whose family homesteaded and were farmers. All the women in her family worked. My mother worked full time (nurse) never complained and raised 12 kids who all had the opportunity to go to college (including Harvard). None of us complained about paying for student loans, or working 20+ hours while going to school or picking berries in the summer for minimum wage to buy our first car.

    This is what life was like in the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s. People and kids worked to go to school. I do not recall so many whinners as I do now. At age 41, I hear so many college kids whinning about working for $30K a year! My god my first job was $18K a year. I wore second hand clothes and bought my first house saving pennies at the age of 25. Yes, it can be done, but you have to conserve, and save your money.

    So, for those who claim having children, being a mother, working full time, and raising children is not being a role model or figure for public office — assuming we are suppose to all roll over and die and ONLY ELECT MEN is ridiculous!!!

    I vote for the person. Party is a platform matter. And my soon to be “old party” just struck a nail in the coffin for all those women like my mom, who raised kids, worked full time, worked on a farm, never complained and raised remarkable children — and having her last child at the age of 43 years old!!!!

    Yes, there are strong women and mothers across the country and I for one will begin to speak out for all those children whose mothers were in their 40’s when they had them. They chose life. For that I am blessed.

    So with much respect — I tip my hat to PALIN and her family….

    I wish you well…. PALIN YOU HAVE MY VOTE!!!!!

    (former Hillary supporter)

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