Puma For Palin: The Caribou Are Going To Take It!!!

Alaskan Caribou

Alaskan Caribou

Here is the definitive reason that Bambi Obama is going to lose.  According to CBS News:

Palin’s father, Chuck Heath, says he and his wife were caribou hunting when they were told to come home and tune into their local radio station to hear “exciting news,” but said he did not know if his daughter was the choice for John McCain’s vice president.

Wow!  Real human beings doing real activities in a real outdoorsy place like….come on, say it with me, like…..the rest of us.  The 90% of the country that fishes, hunts, boats, kayaks, barbeques, rides motorcycles, tours the country by car for a summer vacation, has family reunions, etc., etc., etc.,  You know, those main street America folks that live in small towns and do small town things?  That massive percentage of the population that grew up in small towns and live their whole lives there; getting married and having more small town people.  Mainstreet America is moderate, conservative leaning.  Yes, they may have to take a moment before pulling the lever for a woman VP, but then again, all the talking heads are saying this election is about the top of the ticket and what do we have on the top of the Democratic Ticket?  An exotic, wandering, ladder climbing liberal that hasn’t accomplished anything except learning how to campaign for the presidency, “writing” books, and voting present or “wrong” numerous times; or voting against the American public.   Has the American Public forgotten his vote giving the telecoms immunity for their illegal wiretapping of our phones.  I just love that one….don’t you?

The MAJORITY of the American public can relate to this woman and her family.  I know that I can growing up in Minnesota and playing hockey with my 6 brothers.  I know I can every time I ride my motorcycle, go kayak fishing for mahi mahi or play catch with my young son.  What Senator McCain has introduced to the American people is a real American, just like the rest of us.

If the corrupt democratic party wants to make this about Bambi vs Governor Palin, then please wander over here to Audacity of Deception & Hypocrisy and check out the chart this savvy American has put together for you.  If I had any faith in Barack Obama, I might actually have voted for him, but after doing the research for the last EIGHT months and watching the DNC rig the election in favor of Bambi, there is no question that Bambi and the DNC are completely untrustworthy.  I am not the only person in America or the only PUMA that believes this; and it would not matter to me if I was the only one; Country Before Party.

If Bambi Obama and the Corrupt DNC want to make fun of small town and middle America, then God help them, the caribou are going to take it all and I for one will be cheering as I was Friday morning when I watched a truly inspiring moment in American History.  For those of you who may not have read or heard this before the Obama Camp tried to do a W.O.R.M. (what obama really meant), here is the money quote:

“Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency,” spokesman Bill Burton said.

Let me see….we can have this as President and Leader of the Free World:

or we can have this as Vice President:

Any Questions?

Karma Is A Barracuda

32 Responses to “Puma For Palin: The Caribou Are Going To Take It!!!”
  1. Katie says:

    You said it!

  2. edgeoforever says:

    Yup. One of the reasons Obots are so freaked out is the fact that Palin is REAL. B0 is a pretender – who ran exclusively on his made up personal narrative instead of issues. And now comes a more interesting person – and not made up. And damn it – to boot – she is a woman too!
    Let the sexism rage all over again!

  3. diamondtiger says:

    I am waiting for the sexism. It has already started. Let’s attack her for everything except the issues. Going to be an interesting 66 days; the GOP isn’t going to stand by and let their VP get slammed though like the DNC let him treat HRC.

  4. Steve says:

    Thank you for publishing that image of Gov. Palin feeding her baby during a pause in the events. I haven’t seen it anywhere else. I think it is a powerful and emotional image and one which speaks to the best in all of us: competence, confidence, caring.

    One question: what did you Photoshop out with the white box rectangle?

  5. diamondtiger says:

    I didn’t photoshop anything out. I believe those are the lights from the “People” photoshoot gear.

  6. Karyn says:

    I concur–well said. We cannot forget what happened this year.


    I do see the supporters of obama kinda in shock and I gotta say..I LOVE IT! McCain got ‘more’ respect from me because he had the guts to choose a WOMAN…yes a real live woman that is SMART and takes no crap. This will be good. I’m happily voting McCain/Palin in Nov. I also respect Gov. Palin for acknowledging Hillary in her acceptance speech. YES! A real family that hasn’t been stuck on WA. politics. AWESOME!

  8. diamondtiger says:

    I originally went over to the McCain camp the night that Hillary gave her speech to the DNC. I cannot support the corrupt DNC leadership. McCain has a record of being a reformer and bipartisan. Then on Friday when he announced Palin as his running mate, I knew that I could vote for his ticket with no apprehension BECAUSE Palin is another reformer that has a record of integrity and conviction…something that Bambi does not have. Let me see, “I will fillabuster FISA, before I vote FOR it”. LOL, a spineless GUMBY if I have ever seen one.

    I may not agree with everything that Palin and McCain stand for, but by GOD, they at least are real Americans that stand by their convictions, come what may.

  9. typewriterstreaming says:

    Absolutely right on target. As a PUMA member I had planned on a vote against Obama with a vote for McCain – but Gov. Sarah Palin’s nomination has changed my opinion. My vote and now my money will now go in support of Sen. McCain. How unexpected – my decade support for the Democrats has been permanently damaged. Dean, Peolosi, Brazile, Reid and Obama can take the New DNC and shove it.

  10. Mister Brickhouse says:

    Found your website by goggling “palin Caribou” looking for the pic where she’s bagged a Caribou, and was very pleased to find and read your blog. I was going to vote for Barr, and was nearly a Hillary supporter (this hurts as a lifelong republican, but dammit she was the best qualified anyway), and am now pumped up by the possibility of a female vice-president as admirable as this lady is. She is more socially conservative than I, but I’m drawn to her corruption-busting of the good ol’boys network, and fiscally conservatism. I’m male but the birth of my daughter 23 years ago made me something of a feminist. GO PUMA’s!!!

  11. Jack says:

    The difference between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama is that when Mrs. Palin entered political office and saw corruption, she fought it, and when Mr. Obama saw corruption, he turned the other way (at best) or thrived off of it (at worst). Why do I think he’ll say that he didn’t know it was happening? So much for his keen insight.

  12. Excellent post. Go caribou! I, for one, am truly inspired by this woman. Besides, I don’t intend to give up one penny of my hard-earned tax dollars to fund Obama’s fancy suits.

  13. 8starsnorth says:

    Big smile! So glad I found this website!

  14. Bud says:

    I am not a PUMA, as I have always voted conservative/Republican. While I am not thrilled with McCain, he has earned my ever-lasting praise with his selection of Gov. Palin. She is spectacular, has loads more experience than Obama has, and she will kick the crap out of anyone who gets in her way, such as the lunatics that run Iran, North Korea, etc.

    Thanks for your great comments and the subsequent posts from all the readers.

  15. diamondtiger says:

    Mahalo for all the great comments on this post.

    These are Americans that “get it” about the inexperienced, marketed candidate called Barack Obama.

    I was always under the impression that PUMAs were people that WOULD NOT VOTE for Barack Obama. So as a Republican, I guess you are a honorary PUMA. Congrats!!!!

  16. diamondtiger says:

    I must say that The Obamanation is having canaries. I have never spammed more comments in one day as I have today on this post.

    Methinks they are freakin’ worried! ….and they should be.

  17. shtuey says:

    It’s not too late for the Democrats to remove Urkel and replace him with a lump of silly putty. You can stretch it, bounce it, and lift comics out of the paper…definitely a better choice for the White House than Pampers.

  18. Username says:

    I would like to say to everyone I respect whatever you decide to do. I’m an Independent and I’m a little more conservative so this is a no brainer for me. I’m proudly supporting McCain/Palin! I hope all of you will take another look at McCain, he’s really close to a Democrat, that’s why his Party hates him. It’s also one of the big reasons he chose Palin, she’s a Republican! The base is so fired up now! Anyway, she’s also a maverick and a Washington outsider. She’s fought corruption even within her own Party and she’s worked across Party lines. She’s basically everything Obama pretends to be! She is conservative however, so I get it if you can’t support McCain! I would like to say, even when I supported Hillary I had a hard time choosing between her and McCain! I also know McCain is not Bush! These are the Democrats’ talking points, that’s it! Don’t forget John Kerry asked McCain to be his running mate in 2004! Joe Biden said he would be honored to run with McCain! Plus, we all know Hillary and McCain are friends! If Obama wins, there probably won’t be another chance for Hillary in 8 years-she’ll have ageism and sexism to deal with if she still wants to run anyway! She’s saying what she has to say, but I think secretly she wants McCain to win! Why don’t we let her and Sarah Palin battle it out in 4 years! McCain and Palin will never do what Obama’s about to do to our Country! He needs to be STOPPED! Think about it anyway!
    McCain/Palin 08!! “Reforming Washington”!

  19. Username says:

    Everyone should watch this video–and vote for candidate Y!!!:

    Bill Clinton said this one day before his “endorsement” speech for Obama. Bill wants us to vote for McCain!!

  20. Flo says:

    I am impressed by the good judgment of Senator McCain.

    The nomination of Governor Palin is good for women in the public square. She is a fine example that women can be powerful and still manage to have a lovely family of five children.

    I am proud of this nomination and now support the ticket whole heartedly.

  21. shtuey says:

    So now the Obamaphiles are attacking the Palins because their daughter Bristol is 5 months pregnant. She will be marrying the father. The family is completely supportive of her decision to have the baby. I for one applaud them. I find it ironic that they are attacking the Palins when saint Pampers was born to an unwed teenager. It must get drafty in those glass houses. I hope they’re keeping their heads covered.

    You should see the puritan Obamaphiles on FirstRead attacking Bristol.


    My response that will most likely not be published:

    My my, look at the Obama sheeple lighting their hair on fire and screaming about a teenager getting pregnant. Is it a cover up? Is it poor values? My my my. I think you have enough to worry about from that fraud you’re genuflecting to all the time.

    What kind of society are we living in when the affairs of a family become yours to judge? Have we not had a rash of teenage mothers across this country from our inner cities to the corners of rural America? Are we not endowed with the inalienable right to chart our own course, to succeed or fail in the measure of our reaching?

    The Palin family, like many families, had a decision to make. They have decided to support the decision of their daughter, offering their unconditional love and support to her. All our daughters should only be lucky enough to be part of such thoughtful and devoted families.

    You people are reminiscent of the hypocrites of Puritan New England who hung letters around the necks of societal offenders when they themselves were guilty of hypocrisy in casting judgement.

    Bristol Palin is not running for public office here. Her decisions, nor her judgement are on trial. Her mother, who is running for public office has exercised her judgement as the young woman’s mother to support her. For that I applaud her.

    You here who condemn her, would you cast her out of your homes as a shame on your household, a poor reflection of your family name? Would you impinge on her reproductive freedom that many of you claim to hold so dear and urge, nay demand, that she get an abortion?

    This is a nation based in liberty, conceived in the desire for freedom. The Palins have violated nothing other than perhaps your hypocritical sense of puritanical piety. You are frauds and an insult to all this nation stands for. I am glad to see that when faced with challenges there are still some families that stand together.

    Shame on you!

  22. diamondtiger says:

    Of course it won’t be published Shtuey; you of all people know how the liberal left MSM are in the tank for Gumby and would never post an opposing view.

    I for one am glad you brought this over here. Many Americans will read it and understand what we have been up against for the last 8 months.


  23. Michelle says:

    Hi, I’m not maried nor do I have any children of my own; I chose my carier instead and am happy about it. Anyway I was looking around for stuff about Sara and found this quite revealing comparison of her and Obama.


    I never liked him and always got this funny feeling about some of the stuff he said and then when his wife went on her tirades it really ticked me off. So as far as that goes I liked the thought of having a woman on the ticket. I even voted for Feraro when she ran.

  24. Heidi says:

    Amen! I am a lifelong Democrat who supported Hillary. A woman in her 40’s looking to have children and a child of a mother who had me at age 43 (after 11 children) who is NOW TODAY declaring my support for PALIN!!!

    I am sickend by Obama supporters and bloggers rudely citing how Palin’s’ child was a mistake??? Do you believe all children who have a disability are a mistake??? WOW. This is really scary rhetoric from someone who flaunts change and who must believe killing a child due to a disability is the right thing to do?

    I am also changing my affiliation today because the Dems (my soon to be old party) are stating that a 17 year old girl having a child is a mistake. Wasn’t your candidate born to a teenage mother, too?

    The fact that they would rather abort a child, consider themselves Pro-Choice (unless you choose to have that child, then you should abort a child and there is no choice), is disgusting.

    So thank you all you Dems out there for stirring me down the path from supporting Hillary to now Palin. A mother, governor, strong outdoors woman, sportsman, maverick and by far more than any of you can say – a woman who believes in FAMILY.


  25. Amy says:

    And did you all hear Geraldine Ferraro’s comment after Palin’s acceptance speech? She said Palin was the ONLY public figure who publicly acknowledged her historic contribution. Ferraro said she almost drove off the road. Nice moment.

  26. Wisewoman says:

    Remember Obama’s unsolicited comment regarding his daughters potentially becomming pregnant? In advocating for abortion, he said he would not want the baby to be a life long punishment for his daughters. The comment was crude and offensive. I am a black female Hillary supporter and I will not vote for Obama. With this pick I am now leaning heavily toward McCain.

  27. diamondtiger says:

    GO BAMA,

    What part of “I will no longer allow The Obamanation to post comments on my site” are you not understanding? Do you even know how to read?

    Hele Mai!

  28. DemtoRep says:

    I left my husband 20 yrs ago and was stabbed twice and my face stomped on -3 yrs of surgery to see and breath–and the law was a husband could legally do this to his wife he owned her?? NOW YOU TELL ME WHO WERE THE LATEST SLAVES IN OUR NATION??

  29. DemtoRep says:


  30. Carolyn says:

    As a former Clinton supporter, GO PALIN. I hope Howard Dean and the DNC learns a very good lesson. I cannot in good conscience vote for Obama. My husband and I have cut up our Democratic voter registration cards, sent them to Howard Dean, and changed our registration to Independent. NO HOW NO WAY NOBAMA

  31. Angel Mietzner says:

    Iam a democrat,but I was’nt very happy with OBAMA/HILLARY with all their B.S.Change What Change are they talking about.After I listen to Palin my Soul jump out of my Body with reassurence, to change my VOTE. MC CAIN/PALIN sold me.I feel much safer now; knowing that MCCAIN has someone who not only Beautiful,& brains to go with it
    she’s a tough COOKIE, You GO Girl!!!! tell those 2 face lying DEM.where to go. GOD IS WITH YOU.

    Angel M.

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