Palin For VP?

On Tuesday night, after Senator Clinton gave her memorable speech, I wrote a post in which I stated this:

There has to be a reason why the Republican Party has won so many Presidential campaigns; all republicans are not as lacking as George Bush, and I have never been convinced that McCain was another George Bush until I watched Barack start acting like Bush, and then knew for sure that immaturity and foolishness are not the sole property of the Republican Party.  There has to be a good reason why Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska has a 90% approval rating and is proud to say that she is a Republican.

So what do I wake up to today?  Sarah Palin as VP?  I truly hope so, because that would mean that the reason the Republicans keep winning is because they are smarter.

Here she is:

If Gumby and Mishy aren’t crying this morning, then someone should explain the situation to them.

Excuse me now, I have to go look at the polls…

Hele On!

UPDATE:  Wow, Governor Sarah Palin just asked for our votes.

Much more than Bambi has ever done. Wow.

This is why McCain/Palin will win in November.  Country Before Party!

4 Responses to “Palin For VP?”
  1. Mountain Sage says:

    We will see if this was a smart move or not. I personally don’t think I can vote for McCain and plan, at this time, to vote for Cynthia McKinney.

    I’ve heard criticism about how this is pandering by McCain to women…my feeling is it’s nice for SOMEBODY to care enough to pander to us.

    Mountain Sage

  2. diamondtiger says:


    Stay tuned for my next post about Sarah Palin and why the republicans are going to beat the dems this year. I don’t want to give the whole thing away yet, but please understand that I DO NOT think that John McCain was “pandering” to dem women per se and I got a laundry list of reasons for that thinking.

    Stay tuned….okay?
    Many Mahalos for stopping by….

  3. Shtuey says:

    The contrast between the two tickets is striking, and it sheds a little light on how the Republicans will most likely play this:

    McCain has brought in a new generation of Republican leadership to help him reform and retool the party which will hopefully translate into bipartisanship.

    Obama brought in the long timer to hold him up and change his Pampers because he’s in over his head.

    Get the popcorn ready. This is going to be good.

  4. Ted says:

    Diamond, yes I am the same Ted who posted comments on puma4palin. In fact, puma4palin is my wife who is a life-long liberal Democrat and as a staunch Conservative Republican myself, Palin is the FIRST thing we’ve agreed on politically in 20 years of marriage.

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