PUMA Politics: Want To Join the NoBama Mission?

I just received this email fromTalkTop65@aol.com and it is very self-explanatory.  If you are someone who WILL NOT VOTE for Barack Obama and want to help Senator John McCain defeat the empty suit that the corrupt DNC leadership had selected by all means necessary, read on.

We are getting a tremendous number of requests from people, especially disaffected Democrats, who want to help John McCain — and need to know what to do next.  I hope bloggers will consider reprinting this on their own websites.

I’m asking them to join Clintons4McCain and NoBama Mission.  If they want, they should e-mail me (at TalkTop65@aol.com), and I promise to provide them information within 24 hours of whom they should contact and what they should do.  They should provide, if they wish, their state and the nearest city.   They are very much wanted and appreciated.

Also helpful:  on http://johnmccain.com, there is a link for volunteers in the Citizens for McCain effort.  Kathy Morrison can also point them to links for Citizens for McCain.  Someone will get back to them within a reasonable period of time.

5 Responses to “PUMA Politics: Want To Join the NoBama Mission?”
  1. EMJ says:

    For PUMAs who will be in St. Paul, google “Sally Pillsbury” and “Sept. 2” for more on this event — which is about exactly the Republicans with whom PUMAs should align. Here’s an excerpt (it’s a really long weblink):

    . . . But this gathering has a purpose that goes way beyond the amusement of the well-heeled or the diversion of the delegates. It’s a fundraiser for a pair of organizations populated with old-line GOP social moderates — people who’ve been marginalized during the Bush-Cheney-Rove years, but maybe, just maybe, are on the verge of reemergence.

    It’s a serious bid for funds. The price of admission starts at $250.

    That’s because leaders of the two sister organizations (Sally and husband George among them) are serious in their belief that a moment of opportunity has dawned for their kind of Republicans. As the Bush era ends, the GOP’s course is changing, and they think that if their organizations push, the party — and the nation — can change in their direction.

    Sally Pillsbury’s pitch: “As our party has been taken over by conservatives, it has been losing votes — Republican votes. The people the party is losing are still Republicans. They still believe in the basic tenets of the party: small government, personal freedom and individual responsibility.”

    She may have been describing herself. Pillsbury’s preference for Democrat John Kerry in the 2004 presidential race — despite her family’s long personal and political association with the Bush family — was no secret. She was at odds with the president, who had once been a guest at her home, over social issues at the core of the Republican Majority for Choice, and more — wanton federal spending, a costly war producing too few gains.

  2. EMJ says:

    Should have added – Sally and George Pillsbury are strongly pro-choice.

  3. Shtuey says:

    So I couldn’t help but notice that Pampers decided to plagiarize Hillary’s stump speech tonight. I suppose pantsuits are next.

  4. diamondtiger says:

    What did anyone expect? Hillary, JFK, MLK, and I’m sure a few others will surface in the next few days.

    Oh yeah, we believe everything you said, we just don’t believe you would be the one to do it considering Hillary said it first. I have never believed anything that has come out of that juvenile’s mouth.

    I’m big on buying authentic and that doesn’t mean a Hillary knock off like Bambi. I guess he is still in her shadow.

  5. Murphy says:

    Thank for this site. It captures how I feel. I am a big Hillary fan and now I will be voting for McCain. At the end of the day, McCain stood up for women and the DNC didn’t even consider Hillary. I will give Obama as much consideration as he gave to Hillary….none. Women wake up! The Democrats and Obama just showed how little they truly care about women. If you look at the senate, CEO, board of directors, etc etc. what percentage of women do you find? It’s less than 10%. Women being taken seriously in this country is one of the biggest issues. How come there has never been a woman president or VP? Are we inferior? Less competent? or perhaps there is a systemic bias against women?!!!!! Women bond together and get behind McCain/Palin. Are you tired of hearing,”I’d vote for a woman,just not that woman.”Guess what? There is no woman these people would vote for.We need to stick together.Vote McCain/Palin 2008!

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