PUMA Politics: This Changes Nothing….

I sat and watched the now legendary Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton give an amazing speech that was both loyal to the Democratic Party and sincere.  Am I sad that Senator Clinton had to do this walk of shame for another candidate that is so unworthy?  Yes.  Am I upset that, for whatever pressures were being applied to this amazing woman, she chose to reward the corrupt DNC leadership with her support instead of unsuspending her campaign after all the shenanigans with the caucuses, the primaries, the roll call vote and tell Barack to take a hike and let the chips fall where they may?  That Would Be A Big Right-E-O!  Will this wonderful speech that has overshadowed every other speaker (including her highness, Mishy) change my mind and help me fall in line, come home, and get behind Gumby?

Nope, nada, never, Nobama…..The Democratic Party’s Selected Nominee.

I do not follow party lines, I have been an Independent voter since Carter was creamed and have always voted for CHARACTER AND EXPERIENCE.  As the presidential campaigns have played out over the years, I have always voted for Democrats.

I started out this election cycle looking at everybody; the Indies, the Greens, the Dems and also the Republicans.  There has to be a reason why the Republican Party has won so many Presidential campaigns; all republicans are not as lacking as George Bush, and I have never been convinced that McCain was another George Bush until I watched Barack start acting like Bush, and then knew for sure that immaturity and foolishness are not the sole property of the Republican Party.  There has to be a good reason why Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska has a 90% approval rating and is proud to say that she is a Republican.

I was looking for character, achievement, experience and sincerity.  I found those in Senator Hillary Clinton and put my money and support behind her because I believed her when she spoke about her solutions for America.  Barack and Michelle; not so much; then again, not at all.

I know for a fact that Barack has very little in common with me.  Yes, we both went to private, college prep high schools; but I am sure that Gumby did not start working at age 13 to pay for his tuition to go to that private school and work year round just for the opportunity to receive a better education.  From that point on, Bambi and I have nothing in common.  I personally think that if Bambi actually had to work a bit harder for the gifts that he has received, he might actually be a more mature, more sincere person, with better judgement.

I will always take issue with Barack and Michelle Obama taking their children to Jeremiah Wright’s church.

I will always take issue with Barack Obama knocking his opponents off the ballot.

I will always take issue with his complete and utter lack of experience for the position of

The Leader Of The Free World.

I will always take issue with Pelosi and Obama contributing to Superdelegates that then endorsed Obama against their constituents.

As for my vote in the fall, I am with Harriet Christian on that one.

Add me to the growing tally.

I will be voting for Senator John McCain.

10 Responses to “PUMA Politics: This Changes Nothing….”
  1. Senex,Ireland says:

    A Presidential speech by Senator Clinton……Such an intelligent leader in every way.
    She is 100 light years ahead of Obama…….What are the Super delegates thinking about to consign Hillary to the waste bin.

    Voters should now get rid of Obama as quickly as possible in November, by making use of the Republican machine.
    The result will justify the means—for the sake of your country and the future of America.
    “Country before Party”

    Good fortune, Senex, Ireland

  2. puma4palin says:

    Senator McCain:–

    After Hillary’s speech last night, IT’S NOW OR NEVER!!!!

  3. puma4palin says:

    Senator McCain,

    After Hillary’s speech last night, IT’S NOW OR NEVER!!!!

  4. Fabulous post!

    And thanks for the link to Harriet’s interview on FOX News.


  5. Annetoo says:

    Harriet is amazing. She gets the points across
    so well. I too am waiting for Hillary to be told to
    wash the windows! If Hillary has to be the one to unite the party, she should be the nominee . The Obama people are admitting that when they say it’s Hillary’s job

  6. edgeoforever says:

    I subscribe to that. Every time I heard her say “Obama” I was closer to accepting the possibility of voting for McCain (no easy decision for me)

  7. Spongey says:

    Wow…the consistent theme across these PUMA sites is that all differing views are deleted! Can’t stand up for your beliefs?

  8. EMJ says:

    I won’t vote for Obama and I’m done with this Democratic Party because of its mishandling of the convention. History may record that Hillary Clinton likely saved hundreds, maybe thousands of lives by her words and actions over the last few days. The process has been totally corrupt. With the close contest in June, the DNC should have immediately said, “The winner will be decided a the convention.” Having failed to do that, if they had let a real roll call happen, I believe Hillary would have “won.” Unfortunately, because of the confusion and forgone “conclusion” that MSM and DNC had created for Obama, it’s likely you would have had rioting and who knows what else in some major cities tonight. With the fallout to clean up from that, it could have been a battle won but a war lost. (Plus what do you do with a stadium you don’t need??!!)

    Instead, I think the losers of the war will be the DNC and Obama. So many good party workers are done with the Dems – at least in the current form. And Obama doesn’t have a prayer – watch for the Philly lawsuit to break now. How many ways are there to say, “I told you so!”

    Great blog!


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  2. […] Tuesday night, after Senator Clinton gave her memorable speech, I wrote a post in which I stated this: There has to be a reason why the Republican Party has won so many […]

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