PUMA Politics: Are You Hearing Us NOW?

It has taken until the second day of the Democratic Convention to make some people understand that WE WILL NOT VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMA.  I know, they assumed that if they ignored us, we would all just go away.



What part of “Obama won’t be able to beat the Republicans” were you not getting earlier?  Did all our emails, phone calls, faxes and letters fall on deaf ears?

Instead of “Clinton Republicans”, we get to hear about “McCain Democrats”.

This morning Rasmussen has come out with the news that McCain has gotten a 3 point bump from Obama’s Convention.

The Democratic National Convention has begun and the poll numbers are bouncing, but not in the direction that most people anticipated.

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows Barack Obama attracting 44% of the vote while John McCain also earns 44%. When “leaners” are included, it’s still tied with Obama at 46% and McCain at 46%. Yesterday, with leaners, Obama had a three-point advantage over McCain…

(UPDATE: Gallup has released it’s numbers this morning)

46% For McCain; 44% For Obama

PRINCETON, NJ — It’s official: Barack Obama has received no bounce in voter support out of his selection of Sen. Joe Biden to be his vice presidential running mate.

Gallup Poll Daily tracking from Aug. 23-25, the first three-day period falling entirely after Obama’s Saturday morning vice presidential announcement, shows 46% of national registered voters backing John McCain and 44% supporting Obama, not appreciably different from the previous week’s standing for both candidates. This is the first time since Obama clinched the nomination in early June, though, that McCain has held any kind of advantage over Obama in Gallup Poll Daily tracking.

Anyone want to lay bets on how bad Obama’s numbers are going to be by the time he supposedly receives his coronation at Invesco Field?

I wonder what Barack Obama’s real polling numbers are, since historically he always polls higher than reality.

According to Roland Martin, Democrats are dumb and the DNC should have squashed the opposition.  How do you squash the voices of 52% of the Democratic Party?  Fully half of the Democratic Party has been telling the DNC leadership that they would not fall in line, would not come home, would NOT VOTE for Barack Obama  for months and now everybody is surprised that we are doing just that?

Thanks to jcjcd for this new video that gives Roland Martin his 15 minutes of fame:


Thanks to PUMA Alliance for sharing this video: Superdelegates: Gambling With Our Future?

Superdelegates: Are You Hearing Us NOW?

UPDATE:  Our Very Own Hero – Harriet Christian speaking with Neil Cavuto of Fox on 8/26/08 Why We Won’t Vote For Barack Obama:

14 Responses to “PUMA Politics: Are You Hearing Us NOW?”
  1. And I stand by my comments 100 PERCENT.

    Even Republicans aren’t this dumb. But leave it to the dumb Democrats to blow it!

  2. diamondtiger says:


    Thanks for stopping by….

    Have a Nice PUMA Day!

  3. scorber says:

    Roland — the solution was very simple: the Superdelegates should have made Clinton the Nominee and forced Obama as the Vice President so that Obama could be regarded as “the next generation.” He could have used those years to get experience and to gain distance from some personalities in his past.

    So the dumb thing is that the DNC did not do the right thing and we will now pay for it.

  4. Denise-Mary says:

    Outstanding news! I’m not an “official” PUMA but have been writing and calling and blogging my heart out for many months. Thank you for posting such heartening news. Gives me energy to keep on fighting….

  5. pantera says:

    It’ll be interesting to see what PUMA’s say when McCain is elected, overturns Roe v Wade, pushes the USA into conflict with Russia, Iraq asks the USA to leave and then agrees to cooperation with Iran who just got a new nuclear plant from Russia which Israel wants to bomb!!

  6. diamondtiger says:

    Methinks the Obamanation is worried!

    Have A Nice PUMA Day!

  7. diamondtiger says:

    Hey Obamanation!

    Don’t try to link my site to yours with leaving links to your websites. You get no FREE RIDE on the PUMA EXPRESS!!

    Do The Work!

  8. goodbyemrbush says:

    Just came in, McCain +2 for the first lead since early June. No VP bounce. This is a campaign imploding.

  9. Lisa says:

    I’m Lovin It!!!!!!

  10. sam*i*am says:

    i am so sick of these obama people telling us dems to shut up and vote for obama. i cannot in good conscience vote for a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical, bigot who has zero good judgement, zero character, zero morals. anyone who thinks leaving an infant to die is a good thing, and a terrorist is a respectable citizen should never get anywhere near the white house. i will vote for the qualified candidate. i will not accept anyone ever telling me who i have to vote for just because of party affiliation. this is a free america not communist cuba, russia, n.korea, or china. i am a democrat who will never fall in line and vote for a socialist.

  11. cookiegramma says:

    Yes they are worried, and now they have more reason than ever. Fox just reported that McCain might be announcing his running mate before the weekend. I love it, McCain ahs been watching. He saw how the Obomber held on to press coverage for a week, now he is turning the tables on Obama. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the press is so busy watching McCain that Obama doesn’t fill his stadium with 75,000 reporters! By the way Obots seem to have taken over the post for Hillary’s army. It is definately an Obot post.

  12. mychal e.g... says:

    i’m going to put my point up front; there are other factors, but the bottom line is it’s YOUR fault Hillary did not win. if Clinton had all the great support ya’ll claim to give, she wouldn’t have been priced out of the race. put your $ where your mouth is – 18 millions cracks in the ceiling eh…if each crack forked over two bucks it would’ve covered her campaing debt almost double.

    always looking for someone to blame. you failed her.

  13. mychal e.g... says:

    and before i get labeled, i’m an Independent. i have not had any of the Obama Kool Aid. i also believe that the Dems shouldn’t have pushed her to suspend her campaign…a winner should have to WIN decisively, not rely on ‘mathematical inevitabilities’.

  14. Joe Tony says:

    The Obama montra has gotten out of hand. My kids were brainwashed that Hillary was evil and Obama was good in school they didn’t even know Hillary was the other Democratic candidate (they thought she was a repub). The news media is in bed with Obama Fox News has been more fair than MSNBC….

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