PUMA Politics: A PUMA’s Letter To His Mom

One of my readers, Nobama, has agreed to let me reprint his letter to his mom about why he cannot vote for Barack Obama.  It is one of the most comprehensive pieces of writing about why PUMAs WILL NOT VOTE for this empty suit.  Many mahalos to Ron for putting himself and his reasoning on the line.

Why I’m against Obama, DNC

My 85 year old Jewish mother sent me an email today asking me why I want to vote for John McCain this year. I’m 60 years old and have been voting only for Democrats for 40 years. When I cast my first vote in 1968, you had to be 21 to vote. Back then, I was a Vietnam vet and still in the US Army. Here’s what I wrote back to her:


I’ve supported the Democrats for 40 years because the Dem party was also the democratic party. This year, those two things have diverged. I hope I’ll be able to support the Dem party in the future but with different leadership that respects our commitment to democracy. Leftists have taken control of the party, casting our liberal ideals aside, and they need to go. The only way we can get our party back is to make sure they lose in November.

Loyal Democrats like us who don’t support Obama have been told by Donna Brazile to shut up and stay home on election day. No, we won’t. She also said that the “new” party doesn’t need us, it’s long loyal base. If the “new” Democrats succeed under these circumstances, we won’t even have a party to go to in the future. We’ve been put out and have no place to go right now except to McCain.

If you don’t like what’s going on with the economy, you need to look at the root causes and also where the leading Democrats are getting their money. The Dems are a huge part of the problem, not of the solution. The party you once knew no longer exists. It has been destroyed and rebuilt as the “New Democratic Party” and it bears no resemblance to the old. The reason people in the middle and lower classes are suffering is because their elected representatives have sold out to the corporations that fund them. That’s why it was such a huge blow for Obama to reject public financing of his presidential campaign. It was John McCain and Russ Feingold who put together a landmark finance reform bill. Obama pledged to be a part of that effort but reneged.

As I’ve explained before, the very people who created the mortgage crisis that resulted in this economy being what it is are the same ones financing Obama. The same bank that gouges the middle class with usurious credit card rates funds Biden. Biden also voted for the bankruptcy reform bill that now ties middle class debtors to their creditors for life.

You don’t like the unemployment rate, the economy or the home foreclosure rate? Don’t blame Bush for that because he had nothing to do with it. Blame the Democrats who are funded by big banks, real estate, and insurance firms. Blame the Democrats who voted for the bill that killed the 1933 Act that would have prevented what we saw happen to the housing industry last year and this year. Blame Bill Clinton for signing that finance reform measure in 1999. You can also blame Bill Clinton for the media mergers that happened on his watch that were made possible by changing the FCC’s media ownership rules. The result was a massive amount of mergers that resulted in all media being owned by only 6 huge corporations. All the investigative reporters and all the political cartoonists were fired.

Back in 2003, Donna Brazile said she might have to destroy the Democratic party in order to create a new party. That’s exactly what she did. Brazile is a far left extremist and the far left has no use for Jews or Israel. The CEO of the DNCConvention is Leah Daughtry, a pastor who is an avid proponent of Cone’s Black Liberation Theology and also of reparations. That theology is racist, anti-white, pro-Africa, anti-American, and anti-Israel. Is that what you want to support? Daughtry’s family friend is Alexis Hermann, the co-chair of the RBC that took delegates away from Hillary so that Obama could win the nomination, despite the fact that Hillary won more votes.

Would you like to join all the racists, anti-Semites, and terrorists that support Obama? Would you like to join the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther party in supporting him? How about Hamas and Hezbollah? How about Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and Ahmadinejad? How about American terrorist William Ayers? Convicted felon Tony Rezko? They are all on Obama’s team, all endorse and support him. Obama is being asked by the FEC to give up $30,000 raised for his campaign by Palestinians in Gaza.

Do you really want to be a part of the party that helped make the people you show so much concern about miserable? We never would have had this lousy economy if it weren’t for the votes cast in 1999 by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Joseph Biden, John Edwards–the very Democrats who support Obama.

Look at cause and effect:

The Cause:

Finance Reform Act of 1999 (bank deregulation) made it possible for the Mortgage Crisis of 2007.
Mortgage Crisis led to sharply lower interest rates.
Lower rates led to a weaker dollar.

The Effects:

The weaker dollar led to higher oil prices.
Expensive oil led to higher fuel prices, higher gas prices, higher transportation costs for trucking and air, higher food prices, and higher inflation. Consumer dollars buy less which hurts businesses which in turn means lower GDP.

If the Democrats had stood up for the people they’re supposed to represent in 1999, none of this would have happened. If they had stood up to the banking reform lobbyists, things would be a lot better today. If Democrats had stood up against the media lobbyists, media consolidation would never have happened. If the media hadn’t been biased in 2000, Gore would be president today and we never would have had an Iraq war.

You don’t like how things are? Then please blame those who made this reality possible. Don’t continue to support those who had a hand in making things worse than they needed to be. Don’t be a party to the ruination of the party. Please don’t continue to support the people who think everyone but Americans are more important.

Joe Biden wants to give $15 billion to Pakistan and $1 billion to Georgia. He’s a proponent of Obama’s Global Poverty Tax bill that would give $1 trillion over 12 years to the UN, a tax that would be above and beyond the foreign aid we’re already giving. We would have no say in how the money is spent so a lot of it would end up in the hands of our and Israel’s enemies. Keep in mind that about 22 Muslim countries are represented at the UN and the US only gets one vote.

During the primaries, Obama gave over $800,000 to ACORN, a far left group implicated in vote fraud in many states.*American Thinker Blog: Obama Campaign Finance Shenanigans

Democrats in Congress tried to sneak millions of dollars in funding to ACORN and La Raza in February as part of the economic stimulus bill but thank goodness, the Republicans stopped them. See video and transcript here:*Captain’s Quarters

Yep, they wanted taxpayers to fund a leftist group that commits voter fraud:
Local News | Felony charges filed against 7 in state’s biggest case of voter-registration fraud | Seattle Times Newspaper

ACORN was accused of fraud in 2004 in Ohio, Florida, Minnesota, North Carolina and Virginia, and in 2003 in Missouri.

This is no longer the party of Kennedy, Camelot, and the Peace Corps or the party of Johnson who signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act. It is now become the party of the globalists, the corporatists, those who would betray the trust and the will of the people to achieve their desire for power.

The American people want things to change from the way they’ve been so they voted for a majority of Democrats in the 2006 mid-term election but they didn’t get the changes they sought. Nancy Pelosi stood in the way of change and she’ll do it again. The Dems did nothing to hinder any perceived abuse of power by the Bush administration. Obama even voted for immunity for the telecoms that were in violation of customer privacy provisions in violation of the promise he gave to filibuster the bill. Hillary voted against that bill. We expected the Democrats to protect our rights but they were complicit in destroying them. They don’t mind trampling the Constitution and FISA.

As for the people Obama surrounds himself with, nearly all of them are anti-Israel, as was Obama prior to his effort to become a US Senator. Obama was a member of an anti-Israel church for 20 years and friends with pro-Palestinians Rashid Khalidi and Edward Said. Democrats have been steadily losing Jewish support over the years. GOP support among Jews was at 11% in 1994 and will be about 30% or so this year as the DNC has trended left.*israelinsider: Views: Will America’s Jews pick the next president?

The Democratic party has become horribly undemocratic, as we’ve seen from Hillary’s treatment during the primaries. They altered the rules and the primary calendar in an effort to defeat her and nominate Obama. The caucuses were fraught with vote fraud that’s well documented.*CaucusAnalysis: INTRODUCTION

Here’s a clip that shows some of what happened but it’s just one of a set that can be found here:*HillBuzz

Watch the description of intimidation as told by a black woman who witnessed it (starting at 3:54):

I want this current aberration of the DNC destroyed utterly by the election of John McCain as the 44th president. Howard Dean, Donna Brazile, Leah Daughtry, and Alexis Hermann need to go. Only a humiliating defeat will cause that to happen so we can reclaim the party and its liberal ideals. Democrats need to eschew the lobbyists, the corporatists, and the globalists that want to profit at the expense of America’s once great middle class.


27 Responses to “PUMA Politics: A PUMA’s Letter To His Mom”
  1. perries says:

    Brilliant, informed, principled letter to your mom, nobama. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. karen says:

    The horrific thing is that is only part of it all.

    Every word is excellent.

    Ron, with a son like you there is a good chance your mom will be coming around before that final vote is cast.

    Keep telling it like it is PUMA.

  3. Tristan says:

    I have a similar issue – I was raised by socialists. They’re the kind of people that are happy with high gas prices because hardship forces Americans to change their behavior and who think corporations and the military are all evil and that we have no responsibilities to any other country, including Israel, Taiwan, S. Korea, etc.

    Last time we met, my grandfather flat out told me that the rest of the world would be so happy if we voted for the black guy as it would be good for civil rights and our image. Then he got angry when I suggested that every four years we give the Presidency to another minority to make up for all of us white people’s past failings and said I was just being silly. 🙂

    FYI No I’m not Jewish, but I have tremendous respect for the contributions to America from the Jewish community and absolutely support Israel’s right to defend itself.

  4. Stephanie says:

    So basically PUMA stands for Republicans Acting as a Concerned Group of Democrats? This is ridiculous…are we living in the same America? To somehow correlate Obama to racistis, terrorists, and anti-Semites is to sound like all those right wing pundits on Fox News and various radio stations. You all should try reading up on Obama and listen to what he says. Instead of continuing the scary politics of the Bush Administration by voting for McCain, maybe you should try finding the truth and joining those of us trying to better this country for our children and our children’s children by voting for Obama in Novemeber. This isn’t about racial equality or making up for “white people’s past failings.” It’s about voting for a value system that Democrats, young or old, believe in and hold dear.

  5. 1950democrat says:

    If Obama gets the nom, the media will be poking mikes in our faces asking what we’re going to do next.

    Better have some signs “Resign, Obama!” ready!

    Let’s keep up the momentum. Never let them see us slack!

  6. diamondtiger says:

    Lovely Stephanie,

    All us Cloaked Republicans – ROFL! What is scaring the obamanation is that THEY KNOW WE ARE DEMS or they wouldn’t be here bashing away!!! BWWAAAHHHH!!!!

    Have A Nice PUMA Day!

  7. EMJ says:

    So when will MSM pick up this story about Obama not even being eligible because of something called the Constitution?



    With the lawsuit filed in federal court on Aug. 21 and the DNC being served by a federal marshal today, there’s been nary a peep from MSM?? It’s been 4 days – plenty of time (4 hours should have been enough) for campaign to provide documentation refuting the claims — IF they’re not true.

    If you read Heidi Li on what happens if a candidate becomes “unavailable,” that’s what this is about. Since it looks like Obama may not even be a citizen (never took oath of allegiance to US after being an Indonesian citizen in his 20s), he’ll be withdrawing soon.

    Go to your favorite MSM website – at “contact us” – ask when they’ll report on this.

  8. Errol Phillips says:

    I am glad to read the message by this sane person in speaking the truth.

    But there is no MSM – that’s a Fiction. The MSM is the media and publicity wing of the American Socialist, Marxist, black liberation Coalition.

    They are MSM in the sense that Pravda and Tass were main stream.

    Errol Phillipa
    An Independent American

  9. Nobama says:

    For Stephanie:

    “It’s about voting for a value system that Democrats, young or old, believe in and hold dear.”

    You must not have understood what I meant when I said the people who took over the party cast our liberal ideals aside. You see, the Democratic party used to stand up for civil rights, human rights, the Bill of Rights, voting rights, and women’s rights. Not this year, unfortunately. This year, the party was taken over by those who have no use for these liberal ideals.

    This year, misogyny and sexism were allowed by Dean, Brazile, Pelosi, Obama, and the gang to run rampant on the campaign trail and in the media. They did nothing to speak out against it and did nothing to stop the unfair and unwarranted use of the race card against the Clintons.

    The caucuses were a nightmarish mix of vote fraud, voter intimidation, bending and breaking of the rules. Any and all means were used to defraud the public by denying them the proper exercise of their right to vote.

    This year, Democrats in the party are worse than, much worse than the Republicans were in 2000. As a result, I won’t support them this year.

  10. Nobama says:

    Whew, where to begin. Democrats have been voting against consumers for at least a decade so don’t give me that pro-consumer baloney. Dems sold out to the corporatists long ago. Just go to opensecrets.org and look up a candidate to see where his or her money comes from.

    The troops in Iraq will come home when their job is done and not a day sooner, no matter who ends up in the White House.

    It seems Obama assaulted one of the amendments to the Constitution we all hold dear when he voted to grant immunity to the telecom cos. Hillary didn’t.

  11. mystic4hillpuma says:

    Thanks, Nobama, for so eloquently expressing what I’ve been feeling. As a loyal voting Democrat for over 35 years, I’ve never even considered voting for a Republican. This year, I will vote for John McCain, for all the reasons you wrote.

    And any Obama supporter who doesn’t understand that it has nothing to do with being pissed because Hillary lost, let me tell you that it has NOTHING to do with Hillary at all. It has to do with a party that no longer represents my value system. And because I DO care about my country, I’ll make sure I DON’T vote for a man and party that will continue their assault on all that I, as an American, hold dear. I WON’T vote for Barack Obama.

    Never. Ever. Ever.

  12. diamondtiger says:

    Actually I keep and post really obnoxious comments like that just to show the American Public just how nasty the Obamanation really is and what regular middle America has been putting up with for months. Thanks for showing your true colors Obamanation!

    Have A Nice PUMA Day!

  13. diamondtiger says:

    Hey Obamanation!

    Don’t try to link my site to yours with leaving links to your websites. You get no FREE RIDE on the PUMA EXPRESS!!

    Do The Work!

  14. diamondtiger says:

    Your Conscience has ended up in the SPAM FILTER because he/she could not be civil and respect free speech. Sorry – start bashing and being a dipstick – you end up in the garbage!

  15. Tom says:

    Utterly brillant piece of work. You educated me on what has gone wrong with our Government. I can see that Obama is the chosen one of the extreme left that is distroying the democratic party

  16. jimbot says:

    why will people not vote for him…it’s not the color of the skin — it’s the content of character, of which Barack Obama has none.

  17. Rick Laughlin says:

    Why don’t you admit that this site is a Republican site? Another swift boat style bullshit dirty trick. You people have tipped your hand as usual. I Once again you went too far. Just like Watergate. Just like Iran-Contra. Just like the outing of a CIA agent. Just like lying about weapons of mass destruction. Just like Abu Graib. Need I go on? You may fool some people but not all of us.

  18. Rick Laughlin says:

    Funny none of you sign your name. What are you afraid of? The truth I bet.

  19. diamondtiger says:

    Oh poor Rick….thinking that all those hillary supporters (18 million) are all “cloaked republicans”. I will continue to laugh my ass off every time the obama supporters show up and call me a republican….I’m actually thinking about changing my voter registration just to make y’all happy. Has anybody noticed a “donate” button on this site? That would be very republican, now wouldn’t it?

    Sorry – going to come out and say right here and now (and my PUMA buddies already know this) that I am an INDIE since Carter got creamed and realized that neither the Dems nor the Republicans really had all the answers. No one party can fulfill everybody’s issues.

    I VOTE CHARACTER and Bambi’s is way beyond questionable.

    Barack Obama supporters will have to live with the fact that their insults and hatred drove 1/2 the party into McCain’s camp, and that Barack Obama’s miscalculations about women in this country will be his downfall. Yes, there are plenty of PUMA men, but the demographic that is driving this movement is Women.

    Have a Nice PUMA Day!

  20. Rick Laughlin says:

    Never said all those Hillary supporters were Republican, just that this site was. If those eighteen million Hillary supporters vote for McCain (which I very seriously doubt) then they have never really been Democrats. If they can, on the basis of a bunch of lies, and can be so easily duped, then there is no one who can satisfy their whims of political naivete. Ignorance is curable. Stupidity is forever.

  21. Queen of Swords says:

    A reply to Rick Laughlin (comment no 20):
    You said that “the Hill supporters,if they vote for MacCain
    are not democrats”.Then a deduction:To be a democrat,you need to blindly vote for OB,regarless of what he’s been
    showing:weakness,danger,inexperience on a host of issues and such characters as misleading ,lying,spinning among others and need to fervently follow through the Dem.Party’s dogmas no matter how they are:right or wrong.
    2-You contended that they (Hill supporters)can be so easily duped “on the basis of a bunch of lies”without convincingly
    elaborating.And you went on to unleash a barrage of insults
    such as naivete,ignorance and stupidity.
    Who do you think you are when self-characterizing as smarter
    and superior to them?Only arrogant,impolite and argument-short men like you would use insults to attack those who
    disagree with them.

  22. Errol Phillips says:

    Queen of Swords:

    You had the same conclusion as I regarding Laughlin.

  23. James Carville says:

    I’m very glad all of you have left the party. Please feel free to start your own. Meanwhile the rest of us will continue to support Mr. Obama. Good luck to you all and to Sen. McCain.

  24. bree says:

    you PUMA people sound like a bunch of sore losers, which is exactly what you are. Thank god there arent as many of you out there as you claim. Have fun watching Obama’s acceptance speech tonight, I know the millions of us level headed democrats will. No matter how bitter you are and no matter the revenge you try to extract by attempting to elect George Bush- oh excuse me- John McCain, you are the ones who end up losing the most in the end. HILLARY LOST GET OVER IT

  25. diamondtiger says:

    My oh my! Look at the date on these comments.

    “sore losers”?

    I would say that the obamanation are sore winners. Too bad we are going to swing this election and your beloved Messiah is going to lose in the end. Ever heard the quote “Win the battle and lose the war?” or “The Fish Rots From The Head”?

  26. Alexander Anders says:

    diamondtiger, Mr. Obama is not my messiah. I have a Messiah and he has already delivered me. What Mr. Obama represents to me is an opportunity to start anew. After the past eight years of the “decider” and all that his administration has done to this nation and the world (fear-mongering, torture, rendition, and death), I am ready for a new spirit, a new direction. I see that in Mr.Obama. You in Mrs. Clinton. Others in Mr. McCain.
    I don’t believe that Mr. Obama has all the answers. He is just a man with feet of clay, like all of us.
    Great leaders only inspire the people to submerge their own selfish needs in the sea of the “greater good.” I believe he can be such a leader. You don’t. That’s your right as a citizen of this great land. I just don’t understand all the bile, the vitriol, the hatred expressed here. You blame Mr. Obama, the media and the party for her loss. Does she not share in that defeat? Is she blameless?
    How is Mr. McCain’s character better than Mr. Obama’s?

  27. Queen of Swords says:

    A reply to Mr.James Carville (comment#23) and Mr.Alex.Anders (comment#26):
    Although I fully disagree with your stance in backing Obama
    (for reasons already stated in my comment#21 on OB’s characters and performance and for absolutely believing in the correctness of what have been written by the writer to her mom,I must take my hat off to your exceptionally nice tone expressed in your views,unlike many hatemongers (comment#20,#24,to name just a few).Respect is due particularly to Mr.Carville whose performance I admired every time I saw him show up on CNN:A few words of yours
    spokes volume and told it all: Civility,peacefulness,well-
    educated person who always respects opposite opinions,in brief,all characters you can find in a great politician.
    Also,credit must be given to Mr.Alex Anders for his wondering why there can be hatred expressed during debate.
    However,your last question “How is Mr.Mc Cain’s character better than Mr.Obama?”has been answered if you read my earlier comment (#21).That’s what I noticed during their performance shown on TV.You may conclude differently but that’s your point.My understanding is there is absolutely no correct answer to your question because it depend on who believe in what.

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