PUMA Politics: Oh Hell No!…..No Roll Call Vote?

According to ABC News/Political Radar there may not be a roll call vote.

Can someone, anyone, tell me how that is possible when Senator Clinton (with the inclusion of Michigan and Florida’s delegations) has officially won the popular vote and there is a less than 100 delegate difference between “The One” and the Real Democratic Nominee; Senator Clinton?

August 24, 2008 8:11 PM

ABC News’ Nitya Venkataraman reports: After former rivals Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton worked to broker a deal where Clinton’s name would be placed into nomination alongside Obama’s at the Democratic convention, speculation swirls in Denver that Clinton insiders may be willing to accept no roll-call vote, fearing the blame of disrupting the party’s efforts at unity.

ABC News’ Chief Washington correspondent George Stephanopoulos says no decisions have yet been made, but that the state-by-state vote faces the possibility of elimination in favor of Obama’s nomination “by acclamation.”

“The whole idea of a roll call vote could be in flux at this point,” Stephanopoulos told ABC’s Charles Gibson on World News Sunday night.

“The Clinton people here, they’ve said they wanted catharsis, they wanted that roll call, but they may not get it,” Stephanopoulos said, describing the decision as one being discussed at the highest levels of Clinton’s camp.  “They don’t want to be blamed for any trouble at this convention.”

When is the DNC going to stop blaming everything on Senator Clinton and Clinton supporters?

Barack Obama is not and has not done his job to unite this party.  He needs to take responsibility for his lack of enthusiasm towards the Clinton camp and her supporters and do the right thing; an open roll call vote.

The obvious continuing fiasco of railroading this election in Barack Obama’s favor is getting very old with PUMAs, and I am sure it will not sit well with the rest of the country.  Rest assured, the Republicans are going to use this “Death of Democracy” inside the Democratic Party against the Dems in the upcoming general election run.

DNC stop creating defeat and hold an open, transparent roll call vote and let the best candidate win!

Has Everyone Forgotten This?

6 Responses to “PUMA Politics: Oh Hell No!…..No Roll Call Vote?”
  1. Nobama says:

    If there isn’t a roll call vote, millions of PUMAs are going to be a lot more pissed than they are now. The PUMA movement is growing and we now represent 33% of Hillary’s 18 million voters. That’s nearly 6 million.

    BTW, I got an email from my mom tonight asking how I could possibly vote for a Republican this year. You’ll find my answer posted here:


  2. Tiggboriqua says:

    Obama is a lier period , He had the Dnc restore Michigan and Florida and its forcing Hillary to release her delegates to him on wed . This is a manipulation an insult to the intelligence of the American People. They have done everything in their power to make sure Hillary does not have a shot . They want to protect their Messiah well they can do what they want . We can show with our votes on November that their actions are not and will not be tolerated . We should spend every waking moment from this moment on to destroy their lies and manipulation and yes expose Obama and all his tricks as well as campaing so his associates in senate and the house lose their seats , This have been an assault to democracy , the party , the american people and all that we were supposed to stand as a party . Shame on them

  3. diamondtiger says:


    Bravo! Couldn’t have said it better. I would love to post this letter here on the Monster….email me!

    That’s it in a nutshell!!! The DNC leadership has always been at the root of this problem and they are the reason I got into this fight in the first place!

  4. Denise-Mary says:

    Nobama, may I have permission to post your letter – with due credit of course – on SavagePolitics.com? Thousands of people would love to read it, I think…

  5. Nobama says:

    Denise-Mary, yes, be my guest. You can also find it at Alegre’s Corner if that format is helpful:


    And here:


  6. McMacab40 says:

    If you are free people then allow all comment to be posted. You are all Idiots who have nothing to worry about but a broken calabash.

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