PUMA Politics: More DNC Shenanigans? and New Gallup Poll!

According to The Confluence, there are unconfirmed reports of more DNC shenanigans happening in Denver with the pledged delegates and superdelegates.

Don’t trust the MSM and want to keep up on the news from Denver?  Please use any of the following links:


No We Won’t Blogtalk Radio

The Confluence

Heidi Li’s Potpourri

No Quarter

The Denver Group

Just Say No Deal

GeekLove has made another excellent video (Go Your Own Way) about Senator Clinton’s continued ability to beat both Obama and McCain in the polls, and Bambi Obama’s continued disrespect toward HRC and her supporters.  Please take time to go to Youtube and rate this video.

Lastly, if Barack Obama is so secure in his knowledge that he is the nominee, then why are all these questions about a fair, open, and transparent roll call vote even occurring.  I personally believe that given the chance, the delegates and supers would be voting for Hillary considering Obama/Biden has lost ground according to Gallup TODAY!

On Saturday, after much speculation, Obama finally named his vice presidential running mate, Delaware Sen. Joe Biden. Initial public reaction to Biden’s selection appears rather unenthusiastic, according to a special Biden reaction poll conducted by USA Today and Gallup on Saturday.

If the DNC is still thinking that Democrats are going to come home in November, they are DELUSIONAL!

June 2008:  16% of Clinton Supporters for McCain

August 2008:  27% of Clinton Supporters for McCain



2 Responses to “PUMA Politics: More DNC Shenanigans? and New Gallup Poll!”
  1. scooby doo says:

    Obama taking the 3:oo am phone call. AHHH,ERRRR,hello? “Sir: we have just been attacked.!” Obama, “ahhhh,errrr,ahhh,well, ahhh,errrr, call me if you need me.” click.

  2. diamondtiger says:

    Scooby – get your butt over to the new site….only the obots hang out here and try to bash me. Too bad for them, the monster is a Borg Collective Free Zone.

    And for the borg out there, careful with the generalities yourselves.

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