PUMA Politics: Caucus Fraud…What? Did Gumby Think We Wouldn’t Talk?

I no longer find anything hard to believe after watching this primary season, the MSM glorification of an unfit presumptive presidential nominee and the bitch-slapping of Clinton supporters from the very start to the continuing “we don’t need them to win” attitude coming out of the ONC/DNC.

Numerous people, PUMAs and non-PUMAs have been researching the incidents of fraud during the caucuses.  Gigi Gaston of We Will Not Be Silenced has produced a 33 minute trailer that is the beginning of the wave of documentaries to come about this very situation and how, it seems, the Obama camp has taken over the DNC.

Since WordPress has security issues, it is not possible for me to embed this video, so go to the above link and click on “Click For A Preview Of Our Documentary” on the right hand side of the page.

(UPDATE:  We Will Not Be Silenced has now been turned into a 4 Part YouTube Video so it can be seen here)




Also of immense note is Dr. Lynette Long’s careful, incisive and THOROUGH investigation of this same subject located at Caucus Analysis.  Thank you Dr. Long for your time and patience in investigating this voter fraud.  A person could get lost on that site, but all the information is worth perusing.  Here is the intro:


Next week the Democratic Party will formally nominate Barack Obama as its candidate for President of the United States.

It’s the triumph of fraud.

I’ve spent the past two months immersed in data from the 2008 Democratic caucuses. After studying the procedures and results from all fourteen caucus states, interviewing dozens of witnesses, and reviewing hundreds of personal stories, my conclusion is that the Obama campaign willfully and intentionally defrauded the American public by systematically undermining the caucus process.

This site represents the fruits of my research. It’s a work in progress, obviously, and also a central repository for a vast array of data: articles and blog posts from around the web, personal emails to me, interviews with witnesses, affidavits and testimonials, campaign communications, and videos of the caucuses themselves.

I have elected to make this information public. I hope that it sheds light on the caucus process and inspires reform or total elimination of the caucuses. I also hope it gives pause to those Democrats who believe that Barack Obama is the rightful nominee and that Hillary supporters should just “get over it.” I have been a Democrat my entire life, but I will not support the Democratic Party at the cost of democracy.

Lynette Long
August 2008

NOTE:  To help disseminate the information in this website, I’ve created a 98-page report which summarizes my key findings and includes a sample of stories from each state. It’s in pdf form, so it’s suitable for emailing and printing out.

And last but not least,


Audacity of Democracy

By Brad Mays

Superdelegates: if you choose to nominate this empty chair and validate his cheatin’ ways, then we will have to say,

“We Will Remember In November.”

17 Responses to “PUMA Politics: Caucus Fraud…What? Did Gumby Think We Wouldn’t Talk?”
  1. Thanks for the memories…
    I was a poll watcher in an Alabama County during the ’06 elections. To make a long story short, it was a disgrace!
    More importantly it was a disgrace to the corrupt people in charge of the precinct. In one instance I called into ballot security to report fraud when they transferred me to the local judge who was supposed to come down to the precinct to resolve the situation. After listening to the judge ramble on about how this “…could be her married name.” in reference to the voter, I had to interupt this judge. I counted the number of times she (the judge) repeated that phrase about the ‘could-be-married-name’ and after the seventh time I said to the judge,”I’m not stupid and I dont’t want to hear “…that it could be her married name.” one more time. What I want you to say is “that it may be fraudulent and get on down here and do you job!” Then I hung up on the judge and waited for her arrival…she never showed up and the voting went on. It was sickening! And this was just one of many fraudulent practices.

    ps: I still have all my notes and I can name names of the people running the show.

  2. Jim says:

    I have read the comments on this site and other Hillary Clinton supporter sites. You said that Obama does not have experience but you do not state any of Hillary’s accomplishments. Can you please list for me some of her experiences? What did she accomplish in foreign policy for example?

  3. Eric Heimer says:

    As a former Republican turned Independent, I can not fathom what the Obama campaign has done to undermine the Democrat party and the democratic process. While I may have not voted for Senator Clinton, she truly is a leader worthy of the Presidency. It was highway robbery at least and an Obamination at best. Good luck in your cause and fair well!

  4. anon says:

    as someone from a caucus state one of my friends was boasting about how he was the loudest omama supporter so he got to be a delegate.

    he said they intimidated their way to the top.

    Democracy in action yay obama.

  5. Giovanni says:

    They should only give caucus state delegates half votes, like they did with FL/MI.

  6. Woman Voter says:

    Go Your Own Way . . .


    Contact those supper delegates…


    that the (O’s) want to keep the ‘voters’ from. Tell ‘em that Hillary is winning and she isn’t even in the race! How is that for a fighter with her hands tied behind her back, but her message of ‘Serving the people of America’ is still resonating.

    Hillary will always be America’s Champion and will continue to fight for its people where ever she is…she is a humble servant of her country…



  7. Woman Voter says:



  8. Woman Voter says:


    Hillary won the popular vote and she will always be our CHAMPION!


    Take the poll at http://www.lobbydelegates.com/Default.aspx

    Hillary is winning, and she isn’t even in the race?!? We know who won the popular votes and who won America’s heart. Hillary our Champion!

  9. Fish says:

    You describe the conditions of ancient Athens, my friends, where the decisions were made on the basis of voice strength for the various opinions, not modern America. You are a bunch of raving conspiracy theorists spewing out loads of bullshit.

  10. McMacab40 says:

    Hey guys, I believe PUMA is a fraud put forward by the McBUSH Campaign to destroy the Democratic party. They know that with the Obama and Clinton camps united, the GOP will stay out of the white house for decades why not a century. Thats why they created this group to do all to destroy any attempts to bring this camps together.

  11. Alice Paul says:

    Hey “guys” you can believe whatever you chose. PUMA has nothing to do with McBush. How old are you? Do you know the democratic process? Do you know about ACORN and voter fraud, and caucus cheating? Do you know that the sham of a “roll call” vote NEVER goes that way. Did you know that Pelosi was scared to death because many Edwards people were going to go for Hillary ON the floor and that it was so close they took a sham “early” vote at a hotel and then produced a “play” on the floor so the fraud could be crowned? We saw it all. If you care about the democratic process at all you’d stand up to this.

    I was going to vote for either candidate early on but, the DNC is so corrupt and the evidence IS there and it IS coming out that I refuse to support that. People have died for our right to be heard as voters and this so called “democratic” party just pulled off the biggest fraud of the American voter in our country’s history. Be afraid. This makes Watergate look like childs play.

    The GOP did NOT create PUMA. The DNC created it when they tried to silence voters and sanctioned cheating.

  12. I want to thank you for getting the word out on the caucus fraud. Right now the media is focusing on Palin and PUMA is not getting heard much. We need to keep expressing our objections to the caucus fraud and keep talking about it. We need to be vigilant, because certain Obama supporters are putting forth the meme that MCCAIN will try to steal the election. I’ve heard talks about bussing Obama supporters to various precincts to make sure the “voters” can be heard…but as you might suspect, what they may be doing is harassing people who don’t want to vote for Obama.

    All I know is, I’m keeping my mouth shut as to who I am voting for come election day until I am in my private booth.

    When the election is over, we need to keep fighting to make sure this type of fraud does not happen in 2012.

    Thanks for fighting the good fight.

  13. scooby doo says:

    HiFolks, just blogging in to see what is really going on. We can’t depend on the news it is so in the tank for obnination. I am registered independant and am conservative. I will vote Mccain., but even the coservatives in my family are upset about Hillary. We are not afraid of a good DEMOCRATE.i THINK IT IS A SHAME WHAT WAS CLEARLY FRAUD.I,m not asking you to go against your party. I wish Hillary would have ask all of us to help her pay her campaign debt.We would have donated. We are now experiecing what she went through. I wonder what was said to her when obambi visited her alone. Was she threatened in any way?We are seriosly in trouble with obination in the Whitehouse.Putting politics aside, let us know how to help Hillary pay her debt.

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  1. […] For all of the citizenry out across of huge country who still believes that we are fringe group with nothing to back up our claims that this election was rigged to coronate Barack Obama, here are two articles that might help you understand what happened and why.  If you want to take a look at the caucus fraud videos, go here. […]

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