PUMA Politics: 3AM and McCain Is Doing Something Gumby Won’t…

The ridiculous level to which this election season has sunk really has amazed me, and it has nothing to do with the millions of Clinton supporters that have continued to Just Say No Deal and told Gumby to just go sit out in the snowbank because he and the DNC leadership deserve it; rather it has to do with the silliness of the 3am texts and ad releases.

Senator Clinton came out with the “3am Ad” and the question of who would you want answering the phone in the White House in the dead of night; a completely solid question for many Americans.

Bambi Obama decided in his best juvenile, high school sophomoric attitude, that he wanted to harvest a bazillion cell phone numbers and information on possible donors by disclosing that his VP choice was going to be made by text message to HIS supporters (now where the hell is my freakin’ Unity Pony, anyway) and it happened at 3 am on Saturday, August 23rd, 2008.

Now John McCain has decided to jump on the bandwagon with the 3am thang by releasing his new ad “Passed Over” at 3am, Sunday, August 24th, 2008 according to a WSJ Washington Wire article.

No sooner had Barack Obama publicly announced his new running mate had John McCain’s campaign produced an attack ad asking: Why not Hillary?

“Passed Over” will hit the airwaves at (you guessed it) 3 a.m. Sunday. The timing is a reference to Hillary Clinton’s national security ad during the Democratic primary and the same time the Obama campaign sent out its text message announcing Delaware Sen. Joseph Biden as the vice-presidential nominee.

“She won millions of votes. But isn’t on his ticket. Why?” an announcer says in the 30-second spot.

I personally think that the above comment and question are perfectly legitimate and I know the Bambi camp will not answer it because everything about Gumby’s campaign revolves around his and his wife’s egos.  Gumby has gone out of his way with his comments to make sure that Clinton supporters will not vote for him; i.e. “get over it” and “I’m not talking to THOSE people.”

I have always said that I did not want Senator Clinton anywhere near this titantic loser, and hoped he would not offer and she not accept just as so many others have said no deal.  I am glad that it has worked out the way it has, though many Clinton supporters are still upset and feeling insulted.  In my humble opinion, Gumby did not ask Hillary because he knew that she would tell him to go sit in the corner and then did not vet her because his control issues are coming to the forefront.  Too bad Gumby does not have better judgement and the maturity to do what it takes for party unity, as Senator Clinton has been doing with all her actions since the beginning of June.

As I wrote in an earlier post, Gumby Obami Is Dog Chow, I knew the Republicans were going to start grinding Gumby to porch, I just did not think they would start before Gumby actually received the “official” nomination, and I did apologize for that opinion. So John McCain airing a new ad using Hillary Clinton’s words and trying to push the buttons of millions of Clinton supporters does not surprise me.  At least John McCain is showing up and saying “I want your votes”, unlike Gumby who has done nothing but insult Senator Clinton, President Clinton and the 18 million voters who supported Hillary, over and over again; including the latest stunt of not even giving Senator Clinton the courtesy of being “vetted” as a show of unity.  As far as I can see, Senator Clinton has been doing all the work that Bambi should have been doing since she suspended her campaign.  All I hear is that Senator Clinton is not doing enough, but what I see is that Gumby is not doing anything to pull the party together; is it because he knows he does not have the right stuff to make that happen?

As the pollsters have been saying, older women and lunch-bucket Americans are not behind Barack Obama.  There seems to be some disconnect between the Harvard Law Review presumptive nominee living in his $1.2 million dollar home and the people that would be cleaning his house, repairing his plumbing, painting his home, taking care of his lawn, and keeping this country running……I wonder why?  Because he has never had to make a real decision (including the Iraq war; always easy to be an armchair quarterback) and now he has shown the kind of judgement that he would display in office by choosing Senator Biden as his running mate.  A seasoned statesman like John Kennedy would not have chosen Senator Biden, who received far fewer votes, instead of Senator Clinton with more votes than any other primary candidate in history. This shows the kind of judgement that I would not want anywhere near the White House; hell, I would not let him or Michelle babysit my child since in their judgement, taking their girls to Jeremiah Wright’s church was a perfectly acceptable idea.

I continue to hear from Obama supporters who, in not a very civil manner, have told me to get over it and get in line.  I do not have to get in line; no one owns me or my vote.  The democratic pundits keep saying that we have to consider how Bambi and Hillary are the same and what will happen to Roe v Wade if McCain attains the White House.  Oh PLEASE!!!; Gumby in the White House, with whatever secret agenda he has, with the DNC leadership behind him and Democratic Congress rubber stamping whatever he decides to do is definitely not flying with me, my friends and associates; i.e. Barack Obama’s $845 Billion Global Poverty Act or his issue reversal on wiretapping.  PUMAs would rather do four more years standing on our heads with John McCain being boxed in by the same Democratic Congress, and the DNC leadership being completely dismantled after their attempted bloodless coup from the liberal left.

After seeing Gumby’s choice of running mate and the ample materials Biden has provided the Republican Machine in the form of attack ads, I am utterly convinced that the DNC really does want to lose this election.

When this new ad is released; I will be adding it to this post…..so stay tuned.

November 4th is going to be a very interesting day here in America.

Obama sycophants; get over yourselves, PUMAs are not going to vote for Barack Obama even if he had been smart enough to put Hillary Clinton on the ticket and we are going to swing this election.

Superdelegates: If you nominate this man-child with no experience or real world judgement as the Democratic Presidential Nominee; get ready for…

President John McCain, 44th President of the United States.

10 Responses to “PUMA Politics: 3AM and McCain Is Doing Something Gumby Won’t…”
  1. Jack Booted Conservative here,

    Wow, that is a lot of anger directed at the “One” and the DNC leadership. Bamabi, lol, as you call him, is a big fish in a little pond. The Republican war machine has been salivating to get a crack at him for awhile. If you think it is bad now wait till after both conventions are over then you will see some mud slinging. I would vernture to think that the RNC has not even begun to open up all the dirt it has on the Obmamessiah. Him and his agenda are about to get chewed up and spit out. Do not be suprised if you see a backlash on the Congressinal front either. I have a feeling this “purge” will not just stop at Obama but all those who threw their support to him also. I do not think the Republicans will get control over Congress, but I think the numbers will be closer than they are now. Just a thought.


  2. Gray Robertson says:

    I am a Democrat interested in the debate within the party so here I am reading your post. As a blog it is not unusual, but for a piece that wants to be taken seriously (?) it is verbose, hysterical, confused and puerile.

  3. CKA in Red State USA says:

    Whew! Hope you have a heat exchanger on your keyboard to remove all that P&V.

    Not that it’s not deserved by Barack/Barry SoetorObamaDunham and the Demockacrats.

    Personally, I, too, have serious problems with fascists, especially when they live in my country and want to overturn the Constitution just because they cannot present a cogent succicnt argument or response to anything, other than “Just get over it!”

    And I agree with C.T.: There will be a backlash that will extend into Congress. And the Demockacrats’ dream of having that super-majority will end up in the same place BBSOD and Biden will: the circular file of defeat.

    BTW: BBSOD and the O’Baden ticket cannot possibly envision the firestorm coming their way. Should they get nominated — hey, BBSOD hasn’t been yet and there’s even a possibility of a roll call for VP nominations — BBSOD will wither under the attack that’s coming.

    And the ammo will simply be his and Biden’s records and words. And gaffes they will continue to make.

  4. A good battle plan that you act on today can be better than a perfect one tomorrow.GeneralGeorgePattonGeneral George Patton

  5. d rodriguez says:

    At least John McCain asked for our votes personally. Obama is very coniving, Pelosi bought the delegates $10,000.00 to vote for OBAMA. That is against the law. I will not vote for those that sold themselves. It does not matter if there opponents have experience or not because anyway OBAMA has no experience and NO COMMON SENSE AND HE DOES NOT CARE. Taxpayers money paid him to be a STATE SENATOR AND U.S. SENATOR and he could not tell the REV. at Saddleback Church ONE SINGLE THING HE DID. THE ONLY THING HE SAID HE DID WITH JOHN MCCAIN WAS A TOTAL LIE, that tells you there is not one single thing he is proud of that he has done. So he is not more like HILLARY than MCCAIN BECAUSE EVERYTHING HE HAS SAID ARE LIES. lET OBAMA TELL US ALL THE THINGS HE DID AS A STATE SENATOR ON THE HOUSING HE WAS OVERLOOKING FOR ALL THOSE POOR BLACK PEOPLE THAT HE SAYS HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN FOR CHANGE. How come he did not mention that, is that your experience? If that had been MCCAIN’S responsibility would he have done better? Well since it cannot be any worse than it had to be better. On the next debate maybe OBAMA can tell us 5 things he is proud that he actually did as a U.S SENATOR. So why do you all keep saying when are you going to get behind obama when obama HIMSELF has not even asked for HILLARY’S VOTERS. Maybe the people that do not have cable or computers will vote for obama you can thank CHRISSY MATTHEWS and others like him. I will not vote for all those Senators that took the payoff. That is what is making this country going on the wrong track and that is the question on all those polls. VOTE MCCAIN 1 OF 18 MILLIOM. DO THE MATH IF HILLARY GOT OVER 18 MILLIOM AND THE TOTAL VOTES WAS OVER 35 MILLION HILLARY GOT MOST OF THE VOTES. HILLARY FOR 2012.

  6. gloria says:


  7. Karen says:

    During the Clinton administration John McCain made the following vile joke. “Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno”
    During the recent primaries one of McCain supporters asked McCain (speaking about Hillary) “how can we get rid of the ****** McCain laughed and did not say that he considered that unacceptable. All of this is easily veriable. So my question to you is how can you support a man who attacked Hillary and her innocent daughter? Isn’t that disrespectful to Hillary. McCain does not respect women. And do any of you think it at all strange that Cindy McCain walks behind John most of the time as if she is back in time in Japan?

  8. Lunatic Pandora says:

    “The democratic pundits keep saying that we have to consider how Bambi and Hillary are the same and what will happen to Roe v Wade if McCain attains the White House. ”

    What people fail to take into consideration is that they are *not* the same. They may both have the same agenda and intentions and want many of the same things…but that does not mean that they are both capable of carrying those things through. That is strictly an individual thing.

    They are not “the same” at all.

  9. Mips says:

    I love how there is not a single mention of any policy here nor how any of the candidates stand on those policies. I guess this kind of stuff is proof that none of you ever left junior high school.

  10. This is for Gloria re;PUMA’s actions. Please, read and explore more what are in people’s mind and their actions. You are not in tune with this new genarations of arrogance and just sheer lack of tolerance and respect. How could you advice us PUMAS to be civil when we are being ignored and we are working so hard to have some degree of civility If you please log on for a few more days and you realize that we are very well educated and informed voters. You may mean well but your advice does not mean anything anymore at the present….

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