PUMA Politics: SDs to Join Us Under The Bus…

Just reading the title of this article at the Washington Post says it all….Welcome, Welcome SDs; not too much room left under the bus here, but maybe now you will have learned your lesson.; of course, then again, it might be too late if Gumby gets his way again. You were given the duty and the responsibility to override the people’s vote and nominate the candidate that could win the White House, and looking back, are you going to Just Say No Deal along with millions of PUMAs and Honorary PUMAs?

It is so obvious who can win the White House this year that I personally cannot believe that millions of patriotic Americans are having to CONTINUE to bludgeon you over the head with the blatant facts of Gumby’s impending loss to Senator McCain if you nominate him.  Who does not know this fact?

This year would have been an easy choice, blindfolded with one hand tied behind your back; the candidate that won almost all the swing states, had the popular vote, the electoral college map and is currently polling better than your supposed presumptive nominee.  Meanwhile, Senator Clinton is doing her utmost to prop up the foolish choice of cowardly and greedy superdelegates that were “encouraged” by the DNC leadership to endorse while the primaries were still going. I have to hand it to you for being so American about playing the game.   “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.”  That was one of my daddy’s rulez. It is bittersweet that my dad is not with us because this election would have been months of very entertaining rants about Bambi complete with hand gestures, stomping, and swearing; and I know he would have voted for John McCain even though he had been a democrat for almost 60 years.

Barack Obama’s campaign will call next week for the creation of a new commission to revise the rules for selecting a presidential nominee in 2012 with a goal of reducing the power of superdelegates, whose role became a major point of contention during the long battle between Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Reducing the power of the superdelegates?  Because he is thinking he is actually going to win the nomination and the White House; and is looking four years ahead to the next contender?  According the media and his campaign staff, they have it wrapped up and the SDs in their pocket (no pun intended).  Why change it now?  I would fathom a guess as this is just another move from the very left latte liberal crowd to continue to select/elect losers as the nominee.  Is the Obama camp so wrapped up in their little cocoon of Media glorification that they have forgotten than the Republicans are going to hand them their asses in just a few weeks time?  Bambi Obama has made sure of that with all his “good judgement calls”, gaffes, reckless accusations of racism and lying, and lack of any real executive experience.

I remember when the SDs were put in place so that more McGovern and Carter debacles would not happen and guess what, history is repeating itself; only now the SDs will be complicit in the defeat.

The commission also will be urged to redraw the calendar for 2012 to avoid starting the primaries and caucuses so early, and also to look specifically at assuring more uniform rules and standards for those caucuses.

I’ll believe more uniform rules and standard for caucuses when I see it. Just a tad bitter over here about what happened in lots of states to Clinton supporters and fellow Americans.

The most important change involves superdelegates — the elected officials and party leaders who have automatic seats at national conventions and are free to vote for any candidate of their choice.

Their role became hugely controversial during the long nomination battle between Obama and Clinton. Obama supporters feared that the superdelegates could override the results of the primaries and caucuses and potentially hand the nomination to Clinton.

Clinton won the popular vote; she had 4 delegates taken from her and 600,000 Michigan voters were told they did not vote for who they thought they had.

Obama and his supporters should be fearful that the SDs are going to come to their senses in just a few days time and say “You had your chance and it’s definitely above your pay grade.”  Given the political climate this year with the intense distrust of the Republican brand, Gumby should be 15-20 points ahead, yet in new polling data that has come out recently, he is tanking; and hard. His electoral vote is down to what, 259 and the convention has not even started yet.

“The number of super delegates has gotten too large in relation to overall delegates,” Plouffe said. “We want to give more control back to the voters…. Everyone thinks there ought to be more weight given to the results of the elections.”

Well David, 20% of the total number is not too large in relation to overall delegates and if you wanted to give more control back to the voters, then Gumby should withdraw from this race and hand the nomination over to the true winner, Senator Clinton; oh, and give her those 4 delegates back that were taken from her in Michigan.  (I cannot believe that I am again writing about 4 stolen delegates!  Here in America.  If you are not outraged by the fixed election feel of that, then you definitely need to start re-reading all your history books about our founding fathers and taxation without representation.)  I think maybe all those Michigan voters really did want to vote for her and the other candidates that were part of the primary election season.  What say you to that?

The commission will be encouraged to consider either reducing the number of superdelegates eligible to attend the national conventions or increasing the number of so-called pledged delegates elected on the basis of the results of caucuses and primaries.

The other significant change is the call to redraw the primary and caucus calendar. The 2008 calendar drew significant criticism both for the early starting dates for the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries, and also because there were so many states crowded into the first month of what turned out to be a five-month campaign.

I want to know why some states that went early received sanctions and Michigan and Florida; two MAJOR SWING STATES were left out to dry? What was the reasoning behind that decision?  Anybody, Anybody?

The other major area the commission will be asked to examine is the operation of caucuses in states that choose that process rather than a primary. The caucuses drew criticism, particularly from the Clinton campaign, which said they restricted participation and that in some states lacked the necessary infrastructure to insure fairness.

“We agree that we ought to make sure they’re funded properly, staffed properly and run smoothly, and even see if people ought to be eligible to vote absentee,” Plouffe said.

Hey David; “We agree that we ought to make sure they’re funded properly, staffed properly and run smoothly, and even see if people ought to be eligible to vote absentee,” means you should have a primary instead of an outdated mode of public voting.

Superdelegates you have an very important vote coming up.  Anybody that has two brains cells communicating knows that your “endorsement” does not mean anything; your vote at the convention does.  It is time to stand up and do the job that was given to you.  Nominate Senator Clinton and get the Democratic Party back on even equilibrium.

If you need a little more convincing, what follows is a new video from Race For The Truth; “More Citizens Speak”, outside Saddleback Church.  This should give you a taste of what is coming if you nominate Gumby for POTUS. (and pay attention to the two ladies after 6:49.)


Mahalos To Darraugh Murphy for the awesome quote!!!



Superdelegates, here is a video from m1media, The Obama Meltdown, that pretty much sums up what we all see, and I know you do too, whether you want to admit it or not.

Do you want to look as foolish as this court jester?


Looks like “Camelot” is collapsing again. So much for the Unity Pony!

8 Responses to “PUMA Politics: SDs to Join Us Under The Bus…”
  1. Hilma Towell says:

    I was a delegate in MI that cast my vote for Senator Clinton.Imagine my anger when they took 4 of those votes and gave them to Obama.He and his attorneys had Donna Brazill in their trickbag from the get go.When she accused Jim Blanchard of cheating I said to my husband that is it for me.Obama came to Waterford MI at a warehouse that my grandson worked at and people were told they could go outside and listen to him speak.He and so many others did not even bother.

  2. ldrview says:

    You know,with enough of us under that bus,I think we could pick it up and throw it back on top of Barack and the DNC.

    Then who’d be under the bus?

  3. bluesmyfavcolor says:

    You are unreal. Did you ever for one minute stop and think that those 4 delegates did not determine the outcome in ANY way??? It is the most ludicrous argument and the PUMAs and other justrefusetoacknowledgereality people love to repeat it.

  4. diamondtiger says:

    “You are unreal. Did you ever for one minute stop and think that those 4 delegates did not determine the outcome in ANY way??? It is the most ludicrous argument and the PUMAs and other justrefusetoacknowledgereality people love to repeat it.”

    I just love this comment, I may add it to the obot award page. The Reason you may ask? Because this lovely obot completely MISSED THE POINT! Blue is assuming that I am all up in arms because the delegates were Clinton’s and “Uncommitted’s”. NO – it is about any delegates and any votes being awarded to anybody not on a ballot. Given the DNC’s and RBC’s rationale, I should be awarded those 59 votes because my name wasn’t on the ballot. Diamond Tiger For President! 600,000 voters in Michigan voted…their votes should stand as they cast them not as exit polls say they might have meant something else. GOT IT NOW?

  5. anne says:

    4 delegates in MI is the equivalent of 17,000 votes. So yeah, stealing 17,000 votes is kind of a big deal.

  6. Shtuey says:

    A commission for change? How about a piss in Pampers’ hat commission. Sure, let’s put the fox in charge of the hen house so he can make voter fraud the norm and permanently obliterate democratic process. Not on our watch!

  7. EMJ says:


    This is a big bombshell – Yesterday suit filed in Fed. Court in Philadelphia – Obama constitutionally ineligible for presidency.

  8. Dale says:

    ldrview is a typical Obot. They just don’t get it. They just don’t understand that their messiah was appointed then annointed, instead of being fairly elected. Many of them will wake up when more of our democracy is threatened by these power hungry scumballs called the DNC.

    Contrary to what their shallow minds think, this is not just about Hillary. She just happens to be the candidate in their way this time. If this fraud had been imposed on any of the candidates this issue would still be viable.

    As a loyal democrat I have always been able to back our candidate even though my choice did not get the nomination. Because they were fairly nominated and my candidate was fairly treated I bowed to the democratic process.

    This year our candidate has not been fairly chosen and I will therefore vote for McCain. Not that I think he would be our best president but because the DNC and ONC need to be stopped now. They must not be allowed to threaten our democracy.

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