What Part of “The Borg Prince Is Tanking” Are You Not Understanding?

In an article that has just come out in the LA Times, new poll results are being touted about experience and the lack there of.  These are the facts that PUMAs have known for months, why we have continued to be outspoken, why the movement has not gone underground and faded, and why we continue to JUST SAY NO DEAL!

The new, just-released poll not only shows the race between the two dramatically tightening — into a virtual dead heat, with Obama leading in the head-to-head by only 2 percentage points — but it also identifies a distinct McCain asset: a huge advantage on the question of experience.

If anyone thinks that little quality of “experience” is going to become a talking point of the past, dream on.  The farther we get into this election, the more the quality of experience is going to come to the forefront considering the problems that this country is facing right now from 2 wars to the home mortgage catastrophe…etc., etc., etc.

The survey of almost 1,250 registered voters showed that the vast majority have no doubt McCain is qualified for the White House. Asked if the Republican had the right experience to be president, 80% said yes (with only 14% saying no).

By contrast, close to a majority — 48% — said Obama lacks the experience for the job (with 44% saying yes).

Let me read that again:  80% said that John McCain has the right experience to be president and only 44% say that Obama has the experience; a massive 48% say HE LACKS THE EXPERIENCE FOR THE JOB!  Holy Bejesus Batman, you could have fooled me! I guess those 146 days in the Senate and his European Tour really set him up for success.

The poll’s match-up numbers are these: Obama, 45%; McCain 43%. By comparison, the June numbers were Obama, 49%; McCain, 37% (in each case, the margin of error is plus-or-minus 3 percentage points).

When Ralph Nader and Bob Barr are added to the mixed, the race tightens even more. The results in the four-way contest: Obama, 42%; McCain, 41%; Nader, 4%; Barr, 1%.

In June, the four-way race had slightly expanded Obama’s lead. Those figures were Obama, 48%; McCain 33%; Nader, 4%; Barr, 3%.

If the superdelegates haven’t had a chance to really go over all the polling data from the last 3 weeks to see that The Borg Prince is indeed TANKING, then here it is again.  As of this morning, John McCain is pulling ahead in three key states and Obama has lost his 17 point lead in Minnesota; now down to 2.6%.  Folks, we are talking about MINNESOTA, a liberal base.  Those swing states would be: Ohio: McCain 1.5%, Colorado: McCain .05%, and our lovely southern cousin, FL: McCain 2.6%; all this happening while Obama is once again out-spending his opponent by ridiculous amounts.  It is called a trend and it has been going down as more and more Americans become individually aware of what The Borg Prince is all about, or not about, as the case may be.

If the Superdelegates do not use the gift of power and duty of leadership that was given to them after the 1968 Convention, then The Denver Group has nailed it right on the head….”come November, the Democratic Party could face……A Revolution.”

UPDATE: Thank you to GeekLove for this brand new video showing

the progression of Obama’s electoral and voter slide.

Please go to YouTube and rate this video.


Zogby reports that McCain has a 5 point lead over Obama 8/20/08

3 Responses to “What Part of “The Borg Prince Is Tanking” Are You Not Understanding?”
  1. Shtuey says:

    If the Automatic Delegates nominate Pampers I will blame them for everything that goes down over the next four years. We will remember in November.

  2. cookiegramma says:

    This is a familiar pattern for Obama, he started off strong in the primary season and then slid downhill, now he is doing the same in the general election runup. I can only say that it is a good thing for the country that the actual election is one day. On November 5 we can all tell the DNC to do what they have told us for months now “GET OVER IT!”
    I do have one question though, what does everyone think will happen to the msm, especially msnbc after this? They have so clearly shown that they are not capable of reporting news, how can they fool themselves into believing that anyone will swallow the lies from their mouths?

  3. IBI says:

    It’s time for Unity – with Obama supporters getting behind Hillary to get her elected in November!!

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