PUMA Growl For Letters Of Deliberation!

PUMAs, there is a book in the works that requires YOU!  Yes, YOU!

Will Bower, Co-Founder of Just Say No Deal and Party Unity My Ass has teamed up with Q. (Q’zeromen) to document the history of the birth of the PUMA movement. According to Q, here is a short explanation of how the two teamed up to help document the beginnings of this political movement.

Q’zeromen (Q), has his own radio talk show on KCEO 1000 in San Diego. He spends most of the time talking about food. Invited to many of the restaurants along the coast, he talks about the food and makes recommendations on what people should try. In the radio business for over (35) years, he is a veteran radio host.

During the election year, Q remained fairly quiet without saying much even though there was so much happening on the political scene. One day, in the evening, Obama was making a speech and it sent a wave of nervousness up his back. He realized that this was the wrong man for the presidency. Getting up from a relaxed position on the bed, he went to his desk and penned out, The Sanctity of the United States.

Hours later, after it was finished he left it on his desk and turned out the lights. In the morning he read it and found it to be what he was feeling. He decided it to send it to a couple of blogs and one of them was Just Say No Deal. He didn’t know Will Bower then. After sending the letter, he didn’t think much more about it, his frustrations were vented.

Days later, a Will Bower writes to Q and tells him he should post the letter on his own site so that people could read it. He thought it was nice that he contacted him in the first place, so he did what he said. He didn’t expect the site to be what it is now, it was rather simple then. Will Bower gave Q his phone number and he called him. It ended up being a long distance friendship since he was in San Diego and Will in Washington D.C.

He thought that other people might be interested in sharing their letters as well. When he told Will about it, he thought it would be a good idea as well. Q thought up the idea of ‘Letters of Deliberation’ and Will helped with what needed to be done so that all Pumas could interact in this way. Since then, it’s been a mutual effort to create and promote the book so that it becomes a success.

He suggested using some of his top people and one of them was Logistics Monster. He felt that no one was better suited to pick out the letters for the book. The task of getting the book in motion has started and many people already know about it. He encourages all Pumas, whatever coalition they belong to, to become part of this historic event. It will be an important slice of the election year that will matter to anyone who sees what the political process can instill in everyday people looking for a better future for their country.

What follows is the press release from Will Bower about the project.


We have a collaborative effort on the way in which we are calling upon all those PUMAs who would be interested in participating in a book project entitled “The Letters of Deliberation’.

To be compiled by Will Bower and Q’zeromen, we are calling for the submission of time-stamped emails and blog comments which were written to address all aspects of the 2008 presidential campaign season. These emails and blog comments should be written by PUMAs and should have been written before the time and date of this announcement.

These emails and blog comments should be ones that best express your own PUMA nature — and those thoughts and events that lead you to becoming a PUMA in the first place.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this. We very much look forward to documenting the history of our movement… as experienced and written by all of us.

Will Bower & Q’zeromen

PUMAs, your mission if you decide to accept it is to submit emails and blog comments from before July 24th, 2008 for submission into “Letters Of Deliberation”.   Blog posted articles are not part of the criteria.  Please go to Think Upset and click on the PUMA MEMBERS REGISTER link to take you to the criteria page.  If your letter is accepted, it will need to be time stamped.  More information on that will be emailed with inclusion directions.

This blog post will also have a home on it’s own page: THINK UPSET!

A Taste of Q’zeromen’s Work:

PUMA Movement

3 Responses to “PUMA Growl For Letters Of Deliberation!”
  1. Gordon in Kansas says:

    Q’zeromen, you speak truth with such grace. Bravo to you and Will for launching this effort. Here on the eve of the Democratic Convention in Denver, so many of us who have ventured outside the circle wait to see our efforts validated. You give us hope that what has been started here will live on past the convention and past the election, pushing back against the forces of money for votes. It does look clean and fresh outside the circle. There is still hope for us all. A seed has been planted that will produce much fruit. Bravo.

  2. Pumawhisper says:

    I applaud the efforts Q’zeromen and Will Bower as detailed above. I have written 100’s of emails some originally written borrowing a phrase here and there from blogs of others who can say more in fewer words than I. I received only a few responses and never sure if they ever got to their destination but apparently a few did.

    When I started this venture I was so fired up at the shenanigans of the Rules committee that I had to speak out inspite of the fact I really didn’t have the time for it. I made time however.

    I wish I could go to Denver but family responsibilities will not allow that so my heart and prayers go with those that are and I am so proud of Will and his TV interviews, and for keeping his composure when CNN David Shuster was doing everything he could to fluster both he and Murphy.

    The bottom line is, I have this gut feeling we are in for some surprises and I have no regret for giving up my sleep to email ALL the delegates and other Prowl assignments, EW assignments and other actions by Just Say No deal, I just sort of skipped around and did what I could as I am not a computer person.

    I left comments on Greta, and a few other blogs if I could figure out how to get on them which has been a challenge. I didn’t know what a blog was when I started but the fire in me compelled me to do what I could as witnessing the hijacking of Hillary’s Michigan 4 delegates put me over the top as I believe in fairness and I love America and the DNC process was a sham and it must not be rewarded and in protest if Hillary is not nominated, I have to vote for someone else as I do not believe the chosen one is right for America at this time.

  3. Pumawhisper says:

    Hey Gordon, heard you on talk radio other night. Glad to know there is a fellow Kansan. I am from Wichita, where are you from. Welcome to the movement.

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