PUMAs Plan To Buy American….And It’s Not Gumby!(With Update)

(Update 8/18 at the end of this post)

Thanks for the Tip Gumby!  You can bet the farm that millions of Americans this year will be “Buying American” and it won’t be your brand.

Can anybody tell me the last time a presumptive presidential candidate had their patriotism questioned like Bambi Obama has?  Anybody?

It seems that Gumby is still reinforcing the American public’s perception that he is un-American by spending millions and millions of dollars to convince us that he is the soul of American Pie.   According to an article in TPM released yesterday:

The Obama camp is pushing a new theme in Pennsylvania tomorrow — it’s called the “Buy American, Vote Obama” campaign.

Here’s the new logo, to be unveiled tomorrow and to appear on stickers and flyers in select towns around the state:

According to an Obama aide, the new effort dovetails with a renewed push by the Obama team in Pennsylvania to poke fun at John McCain’s recent claim that he would rather hear the roar of “50,000 Harleys” than the cheering of 200,000 Berliners…….

It’s yet another sign of the Obama camp’s efforts to turn the attacks on his patriotism on their head by arguing that McCain is the one who’s anti-American-worker. Such arguments have had mixed success, but with the economy topping the list of voter concerns, it’s possible that they will land on fertile ground in the struggling industrial battleground states.

I personally cannot remember a time when patriotism was a fore-front issue as it is in this campaign.  Could it be Obama’s Kenyan father,  his Indonesian step-father, his connections to Islam and Palestine, his Arab-American backers and friends, his lies to cover these associations up, the endorsement of almost every terrorist group in the world, or is it just that millions of Americans are looney tunes when we Just Say No Deal!  Which one is it? I’m thinking that Americans can see a used car salesman coming a mile away and we have your number Gumby.

There has been amazing amounts of research and controversy surrounding Gumby’s COLB and I personally do not need to go there.  I do not need a “faked” COLB or “real” birth certificate to know that I will NEVER vote for this empty chair, with what I have come to believe, a hidden agenda.   To me, he is as un-American as they come.  Twenty years in a church spewing anti-American hatred and the “good” judgement to take his children there and have them listen to that crap.

Associating himself with the Weather Underground, no matter what he says now.  Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn are domestic terrorists that have no remose for the buildings they have bombed; and Barack allowed them to host his first fundraiser.  That’s un-American.  Bill and Bern SHOULD have been the first ones under the bus, not “bitter, gun-toting, bible bangers”.  Thanks for that Gumby; it’s lovely to know what you really think about Americans.

How about your Syrian friend, Tony Rezko, sitting in jail right now, who was one of your first contributors, or all those Palestinian bloggers you hired to bash PUMAs and any dissenting voice?

There are so many reasons to believe that Barack Obama is un-American, but one of the greatest is how he plays the game.  How American is it to knock your opponents off a ballot and run unopposed?  Is this the American value of good sportmanship?  Just ask Alice Palmer. Bambi almost made it with Senator Clinton, almost.  Gumby’s camp is saying it is a symbolic roll call vote.  I am hoping for the DNC’s sake, that it is not.  A symbolic roll call vote at this stage will be throwing fuel on a fire that is starting to reach critical mass.  The DNC won’t just have PUMAs to worry about after this convention.

Oh Yeah! Thanks for that tip Gumby.  Many Americans will be buying American in November and after the dog and pony show in Denver it will either be Clinton or McCain!

A fellow PUMA has put this vid up and it needs to be put up on every PUMA blog from coast to coast.

Here is an article posted on August 14th on WHAS11 about Clinton supporters who are protesting the removal of Clinton Delegates who are being replaced with Obama delegates….against the rules.  Gaming the system, anyone?

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) — Fighting between Clinton and Obama supporters continues in Kentucky, as WHAS11 News has learned that Hillary Clinton supporters in Kentucky have filed an official protest with the national Democratic Party.

The complaint alleges that a Hillary Clinton delegate to the national convention was replaced with a Barack Obama supporter, in violation of the party’s rules.

The state party removed Todd Hollenbach, a delegate who supports Clinton, and replaced him with Ruth Ann Palumbo, who supports Obama.

9 Responses to “PUMAs Plan To Buy American….And It’s Not Gumby!(With Update)”
  1. Shtuey says:

    maybe if Pampers started dressing as Captain America…I’m just sayin…’

  2. EMJ says:

    Here’s the “Contact Us” website for the DNC, along with a good message for them:


    Your website only mentions Obama’s acceptance speech. Where will Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech be held if she is nominated? When will this be posted? Thanks for any information!!

  3. diamondtiger says:

    Oh lookie! It’s Shtuey’s doppleganger.

    uh, uh, uh, I think you missed the whole point there! Better luck next time.

  4. diamondtiger says:

    ….and the attacks start. I don’t think calling someone who is copying someone else down to the “t” a doppleganger is an attack.

    Whatchoothink Pumas?

  5. Shtuey says:

    So, we’re to understand that Pampers Soetoro is American and McCain is not? Funny, no one’s busted McCain for having money bundled for him by members of the PLO (Rashid Khalidi), or by people busted for creating front charities for Islamic terrorist groups (Hatem el-Hady). That’s a pretty bold statement for a guy who can’t even confirm that he registered with Selective Service.

    Yes indeed, the Children’s Defense Fund is a sham organization alright. Read about how they fatten up children on candy houses and then eat them for supper. http://www.childrensdefense.org/site/PageServer?pagename=History

  6. diamondtiger says:

    I had to remove comments from Shtuey’s doppleganger. Personal attacks are not okay here. I am all about free speech but not attacking.

  7. supercynic says:

    I’ve just recently learned of the PUMA movement, and, frankly, I’ve been shocked by how virulent, and oftentimes sophomoric, the ridiculing of Obama has been. Obama was not my first choice, nor my 2nd choice, but that doesn’t mean that during the time he was my 3rd choice, I was dumping on him like I see on this site and others. In all seriousness, is this movement about getting HRC nominated or is it about hating on Obama? If you really believe in the positions held by HRC, how could you possibly not vote for Obama and allow Bush the 3rd to take the presidency? I mean these questions sincerely. I think the world of HRC. I’m just dumbfounded by the amount of Obama hate I see on PUMA websites. What did he do that was so bad? Thanks.

  8. diamondtiger says:


    You gotta stop watching the Main Stream Media and get on the internet and read european newspapers if you really want to know what is going on in the US. PUMA has been around for MONTHS!

    I am not dumping on Obama; I am stating true facts about the very junior senator from Illinois. If you do your research you will find out that what is being written about Obama is true. I want to know how Gumby can run as the Anti War candidate when he wasn’t even in the Senate yet to vote for or against it? Did you know that?

    I do not agree that McCain is a third Bush term, though I do think that Obama IS a third Bush term. If you take a look at the little record that Obama has – it’s very republican. As for Obama holding HRC’s positions, maybe he does right now, but that won’t last…”I will fillabuster FISA”….and then he votes FOR IT! What you are seeing in the PUMA movement is millions of people, from all ages ranges and political parties, that do not trust him to do the right thing.

    Ask yourself, why do so many different people dislike Barack Obama SO MUCH! Are we all crazy? All those old ladies and men, college students, whites, AA’s, asians.

    This goes across every ethnic and class structure. Tune in and learn. I also left you a reply on my about page with links for you to read…and I ask that you do read them. You asked for an education – here it is.

  9. supercynic says:

    I never fancied myself a MSM lemming, but I’ll be happy to read the links you mention. I’m not quite sure how one can say McCain 2008 (as opposed to McCain 2000) is not a Bush III, but that’s another debate. It’s also interesting that you ask the question Why do so many people dislike Obama? My answer would be, “I didn’t realize so many people disliked him.” In fact, my question is Why do so many diverse people like him? His supporters are old ladies and men, college students, whites, AAs and Asians. Apparently different ones from the ones that you say dislike him. Again, he was my third choice, so I’m not an “Obamabot” to use a term I’ve seen on a PUMA site. Thanks for the response.

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