PUMAs: Friday Night STFU Therapy…

PUMAs, this little video clip is here for the DNC, Donna Brazile, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and all the others that have told us to “sit down, shut up and fall in line” or “they got no place to go” or “they’ll come around”.  This is also for Don Fowler who believes that we are a lunatic fringe group with very few members.

I thought maybe we needed to let off a little steam and tell the establishment to STFU!

Please be advised that this is Denis Leary in all his glory; swearing and carrying on.  Just giving you the heads up to make sure little children aren’t in the room.  For all those trolls lurking on my site, STFU!

As Darraugh Murphy has said:

“We Are The Ones No One Was Expecting”.



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