Connect The Dots…A Walk Through History

A video history of recent Democratic Conventions has been produced by Democrats08.  Take some time and check all three out.



4 Responses to “Connect The Dots…A Walk Through History”
  1. Mary Ellen says:

    It makes me so angry everytime I think of what the DNC has turned into–a bunch of fascist pigs. This whole game of giving the “appearance” of unity, all the while undercutting anyone who will not drop to their knees and adore “The One” just makes me ill. This is not the Democratic party that I signed onto over 35 years ago, I wash my hands of them. I keep hoping that Hillary is working behind the scenes to fix this. I just cannot stand watching her cow-tow to the party or to Obama.

  2. Woman Voter says:

    Finally an organization that took the time to point out what we have been saying for months now. I hope they realize they have been lied to and that they demand that the process be followed. This party is in need of serious reform and I believe that we need A NEW VOTERS RIGHTS ACT so that this doesn’t happen again.

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