PUMA Politics: Kenyan Obama

UPDATE:  Maybe I am wrong about Obama being Kenyan or maybe he is withholding the muddy truth.  Today, an article has come out with a photograph of Barry Soetoro’s elementary school record stating that he is muslim and Indonesian; neither of which is a problem.  The problem seems to lie in the fact that Gumby has said that he was never a muslim and has not produced a verifiable birth certificate.  The AP has confirmed the photograph and Michael Weaver has written a piece about 8 questions that need to be answered by Obama/Soetoro before he can continue to run for president.  The Illinois Bar might be interested in some of the answers.  So which is it?  Kenya, Indonesian, American?  Just clear the air Barry Soetoro.

I have been working on another post, with the help of some excellent PUMAs, about the Obama-Odinga connection.  It is not yet complete, but I felt that these news items and this video needed to be put up as soon as possible.

According to the Canada Free Press, Barack Obama may not be a natural born U.S. Citizen:

US Law very clearly stipulates: “If only one parent was a US citizen at the time of your birth, that parent must have resided in the United States for at least ten years, at least five of which had to be after the age of 16.”

Barack Obama’s father was not a US citizen, and Obama’s mother was only 18 when he was born, which means although she had been a US citizen for 10 years, his mother fails the test for being so for at least 5 years prior to Barack Obama’s birth.

In order for her child to have been a natural-born US citizen, his mother would have had to be 21 at the time of his birth.

According to Rocky Mountain News, Barack Obama holds both American and Kenyan (since 1963) citizenship, which may disqualify him as a presidential contender and might explain some of his unpatriotic comments about America.

And then we have this excellent video from cancelledbysbc about the Obama – Odinga connection.  Please be advised that there are pages of news articles in this video, so get ready to hit pause while you watch.  It is very informative.  Many mahalos to cancelled!

Damn!  For The First Time In My Adult Life, I am loving these technicalities.

For once working for something good and right!

Just more proof to become a PUMA and Just Say No Deal!!!

Are You Feeling Us Now?

14 Responses to “PUMA Politics: Kenyan Obama”
  1. Mary Ellen says:

    I’m really confused on these rules for citizenship. Am I wrong, or wasn’t Obama’s mother a US citizen her entire life? She was born and raised in the US,no? I don’t think the law that says she must reside in the US for five years after the age of 16 applies unless she wasn’t a US citizen by birth….which I’m pretty sure she was.

    As much as I would like to see Obama thrown out on his ass, I don’t think this birth certificate stuff is going to do it.

  2. diamondtiger says:

    Mary Ellen,

    I have read of a Canada connection. It is possible Stanley Ann Dunham was born in Canada and then became an American Citizen. Texas Darlin’ would know the answer to that question. Her blog is in the Blogroll….besides, I don’t think Canada Free Press would go that far out on a limb unless there was proof of her only being in American for 10 years….yes?

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I really like to know what people are thinking.


  3. EMJ says:

    I thought anyone born in the US was a US citizen, regardless of their parents? Thus, even if neither of Obama’s parents were citizens, he would be citizen – assuming he was born in US.

    Which brings us to – has anyone really seen his actual birth certificates? It should be a simple matter for him/his campaign to obtain one from Hawaii vital records. Probably in state health dept.

  4. meileen says:

    Diamondtiger, I have read a few of your posts, and in one you mentioned BO being in your backyard (Hawaii). Do you live in the islands? I am on Maui and am looking for other like-minded PUMAs. I’m crossing my fingers that you live here too. Do tell.

  5. diamondtiger says:

    Holy BeJesus!!! A PUMA in Hawaii that is going to stand up and say “I’m A Puma”…knowing how dangerous that actually is. ALOHA MEILEEN!!! 🙂 :::stripes rippling::::

    Yes, Meileen – I live here in the islands, though I actually get to see your island from time to time – from the Big Island. Please email me – my email is on my about page and we will hook up.

    I’m feeling a Cusco moment coming on…….

  6. Texas Hill Country says:

    Actually, I think that 10 years thing is a misreading of the law… that applies to children born on foreign soil.

    If a child is born on foreign soil and only 1 parent is an American citizen, then that parent must have established 10 years of residency in the US, at least 5 of them after the age of 16 (as an adult basically).

    if you are born on US soil, you are a citizen no matter the citizenship of your parents. period. guaranteed. 100%.

    sorry 😦

  7. Jack Mageto says:

    First of all…Obama doesn’t have dual citizenship with Kenya. I’m mixed with Kenyan Heritage as well. My mother married my father who was from Kenya and he wasn’t a US citizen either when I was born. As of now, Kenyan government doesn’t allow for dual citizenship but when it does I will be applying for one also.

    I know you don’t like Obama for whatever reason but please don’t disrespect people who have Kenyan Heritage in our blood. Basically to you guys I’m not a true American uh? I want someone to tell me why it’s wrong to have dual citizenship from any country?

    You guys know nothing about Kenyan at all but talking like you know everything about the political structure there. Please stop with your ignorance. I last checked U.S.-Kenyan relations are very strong. Bin-Laden bombed U.S. Embassy in Kenya in 1998 so Kenyans know about terrorism just like Americans do. To paint Obama as less then a true patriot of this country is very sick and demeaning.

    By the way, My name is Jack Atunda Mageto? Does that scare you and by the way I was born in Dallas,Tx in 1979? To the Clinton supporters am I not American enough for you?

    America is not just White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, or Mixed but America is a melting pot of diversity to enhance our knowledge through education of knowing each other cultures.

    I’m proud that I support Barack Obama because he never went personal with Hillary Clinton and for that matter John McCain. All this talk of Hillary Clinton getting 18 million votes but you guys forget Barack Obama got 18 millions votes as well and won with over 100 delegates fairly.

    If you guys love Hillary so much you donate money to her to pay her debt off plus that is not the job of Obama to do that. If Hillary would have apologize for voting for the war in Iraq then she would have won the nomination. She acted like she was the One you guys been waiting for.

    Christian First, American Second, and Democrat last

  8. april says:

    First of all, you can not hold citizenship in Kenya and any other country. Obama is an American citizen. If you are not for Obama, then vote for McCain or whoever. However, to stoop to these pseudo racist tactics is ridiculous. Remember, there are African American women who fought hard for Hillary and then to read these outrageous comments, it is quite insulting and delusional. Do you think African Americans will just jump on Hillary’s bandwagon if she and her supporters try to sabotage Obama. You people act as though Barack Obama is some rich, white man who has been in power forever on one hand and that he is some inferior, unworthy foreign person on the other. There are a lot of us who will not forget in 2012, if this so called “political revolution” means McCain gets in office in November. It goes both ways!

  9. diamondtiger says:


    1.) You are not running for president.
    2.) Had no opinion about Obama until I did the research and realized that he isn’t qualifed to be president and it doesn’t have anything to do with the color of his skin.
    3.) Bambi went very personal on Clinton.
    4.) Decided to get involved when the DNC took uncommitted and Clinton delegates and gave them to “THE ONE”. Very undemocratic. I would love for Michiganers to leave comments about how THEY feel about that.
    5.) American first….always!! Because you are an American, you get to be a christian freely….enough said.

  10. diamondtiger says:

    I know you aren’t going to understand this, but I am going to try anyway.

    I don’t think of myself as Romanian American or as White American. I think of myself as JUST AMERICAN. Is any of that sinking in?

    And as for “you people”, your racism is showing, might want to cover that up…..

  11. Linda says:

    Why is any objection to Obama always considered racist?

  12. april says:

    If you really are”American,” maybe you will understand this: You assume that i am African American, from your post makes me “assume” that perhaps you can infer that “you people” referred to the so called “PUMAs” and not to white people. Obviously, it is more comfortable for “some” people to believe that the majority of Barack Obama supporters are African American, while those who like him or not, clearly know this to be false. Can I make myself any more clear?
    P.S. My ancestors have been in the United States for over 200 years, if that gives you a clue as to my ancestry/ethnicity
    Perhaps you have not read all of the posts, but to question Obama’s ancestry and his American citizenship and all the various postings that make racial incendiary remarks throughout these PUMA sites, infers and wreaks of racism or desperation. I do not believe that every person that opposes Obama is racist; however, I do believe that when one feels wronged or feels he or she has suffered an injustice, the way he or she dissents shows his or her character.
    Obama 08/12

  13. diamondtiger says:

    because they cannot face the truth that Bambi is totally wrong for this country and the only away to attack the folks that are speaking the truth is to smear them as racists….

    Bambi’s lack of a record and then his actually record, his actions, his inability to speak without a teleprompter, his lack of national security experience and executive experience speak for themselves. We are just pointing it out and some bots just can’t give up the koolaide and keep their mouths shut….so they just look stupid. Oh, and thanks for calling me a moron, a new term for the book.

  14. diamondtiger says:

    So standing back and taking a good look, I realize that the hive mind of the Borg Collective is having canaries this morning since they realize that Gumby has given the delegates and SD’s more than enough reason to nominate Senator Clinton as the Democratic Nominee. In 2 months, I have received maybe 2-3 bot comments….today I have received numerous bot comments….who is desperate?

    And….I’m not a democrat – I gave up on the democratic party after Carter. I have been an independent waiting for enough Americans to be free thinkers and not vote party line like lemmings.


    P.S. I still have a vote though, and a voice…..

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