PUMA Politics: A Single Puma Voice Says….New Deal…

Dear Super Delegates:

I am not here to bash on Barack Obama or be disrespectful; rather, I am writing again because the country is crying out to you because “you have been awarded a very special vote that can outweight the people’s choice and goes against the very democratic principle of ‘one person, one vote’.  Are you going to cast that vote wisely or are we going to be watching the elephant dancing in the streets again?”

If there has not been a time for you to read the first Open Letter to the SDs, please take a moment here.

A little more than a month has gone by since I wrote “One Single Puma Voice Says….No Deal…” and in that time, numerous things have changed and many things have stayed the same.

The “Change” that everybody was looking for showed up as Barack Obama losing the Clinton Suspension Speech bump and losing the World Tour bump.  Barack Obama’s campaign is doing what was warned would happen by the PUMA blogosphere and now editorial pages in MSM papers are saying the same; his arrogance and inexperience are becoming his undoing.  He once again played the race card against the intelligence of the American public and he is losing his base after alienating the true Democratic Base and throwing them under the bus along with Senator Clinton and his meager fundraising for her debt.  Please do not misunderstand me, I would rather Senator Clinton stay as far away from Barack Obama as any of the gentlemen who have turned down the opportunity to be his running mate.  How many is that now, 8? 9?

According to Zogby and Rasmussen today, Senator John McCain is leading the democratic presumptive nominee in a year when the Democrats should have been cruising into the White House unopposed.  Do you really believe that with 91 days left until the election, Barack Obama can unify a completely divided Democratic Party when he is busy painting his plane, speaking to Germans, planning a coronation at Invesco Field, and having “President” embroidered on his campaign plane’s chair?  Are these not the actions of a junior senator without the proper credentials in executive experience and national security?

Have you noticed that the markets continue to go up as Obama’s polling numbers go down, and have you wondered what his numbers really are considering he always polls higher than electoral turnout?  Recently Rasmussen reported that Senator Clinton led Senator McCain by 8 points.  Almost a month since that poll was taken, I am wondering what the numbers would look like now and if Rasmussen or Gallup have started such polls.

The biggest change I see is that the internet PUMA movement has grown stronger and shown brighter than anyone could have expected.  The only true barometer of ALL PUMAs in America will show up on November 4th if you continue to back Barack Obama as the nominee of the Democratic Party.  There may be only a few million on the internet, but I am sure there are millions and millions more that are not tech savvy and will show you how they feel in November.  If the election of 2000 taught Americans anything, it was to start paying more attention and sooner to what the parties were offering up as presidential candidates.  I understand that the superdelegates are stuck between a rock and a hard place, but do you really feel like playing roulette with the White House this year not knowing exactly how many PUMAs are out there?

As for things that have stayed the same; we are all still out here asking for you to make the right decision.  It is and has been obvious to many million Americans.  We are continuing to see Mr. Obama expediently change position for any given political audience or polling point and we are still seeing Senator Clinton stand up for American citizens as she did on the FISA vote.  We are witnessing protests against the selected nominee on issues; not gender or race.  The American public is still being called racist for not supporting Barack Obama.  We are still seeing a presumptive nominee who is so far out of his depth (knowledge and experience) that it has become painful to watch.

Now that Mr. Obama has asked for Florida and Michigan to be reinstated, does that not change the delegate count and will he be returning all those uncommitted and Senator Clinton delegates to their rightful places?  Does that not narrow his lead to 59 delegates out of 4200 as written so eloquently by Marc Rubin at Tom In Paine:

But the only plain meaning is this: the results of both primaries stand exactly as per their original results. And this means a number of important things. It means that Obama forgoes the 55 delegates he was awarded in the Michigan compromise that he didn’t earn. It means that Clinton is returned the 4 delegates she did earn and that was taken from her. And it means the 19 net delegates Clinton won in Florida but were taken away by the DNC are restored.

Given all that, the math is now that Obama goes into the convention with only a 59 delegate lead over Clinton. Given that Clinton is the popular vote winner and that over 850 of Obama’s delegates were won in states where he lost to Clinton by landslide margins and suspect caucuses, no super delegate can reasonably respect a 59 delegate lead out of 4200 as being representative of either the will of the people or the strength to win a general election. Especially when all the evidence is to the contrary.

I am writing to you today to ask you to Just Say New Deal with me and all of the Americans who are completely demoralized by the two candidates that have been put before us.   Pledged Delegates: please add your name to the petition to nominate Senator Hillary Clinton and please then vote for her on the floor.  Take a moment and please think about the Democratic Party having a ballot for Presidential Nominee with only one name on it….is that democratic when the margin between the two candidates is so slight?  As I have said before:

If Barack Obama is nominated, I will not be voting for him. I, my family, and friends, sent him out into the tundra long ago. I will not aid and abet the election of someone who has not been vetted properly by the DNC and who has so many negative and simply unknown qualities. I cannot even fathom who he really is or what he truthfully stands for. He has not shown any leadership qualities and continues to show, on a daily basis, that he is not presidential material.

Superdelegates, you have had plenty of time to take a good, long, hard look at Barack Obama and there is still 19 days until you have to make a decision.  I am asking that you do make history on the level of President Lincoln’s “Emancipation Proclamation” and JFK’s “Man On The Moon Mission” and reverse the course of this train wreck that is happening right before our eyes.  Please vote for Senator Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Party Nominee and give us our 15th Democratic President.  This is your sole responsibility; to choose the most electable candidate and you have had more than 2 months to see that Senator Obama is not cut from Presidential cloth.

23 Responses to “PUMA Politics: A Single Puma Voice Says….New Deal…”
  1. Hi,

    I would like to introduce you to the new website dedicated to supporting Hillary Clinton for President. It’s called “NO CLINTON, NO PARTY”.

    Happy blogging!


  2. Callie says:

    Brilliant letter. So true. I hope the SD’s read it and THINK.

  3. Jackie Hyman says:

    What a wonderful, well written article. I only hope and pray the supers will read it and take it to heart. Kudos on the article!

  4. good job says:

    nice letter! also, for those who hate the sexism of this campaign, go to http://www.femisex.com

    this new site, run by msm journalists, blasts sexism by the media

  5. shtuey says:

    I am here to bash Pampers. He was a very bad boy, accepting campaign contributions from foreign nationals from Gaza and lying about it to the FEC. Whoops! Lying to the Federal government I’m pretty sure is a felony. Too bad for Camp Pampers that someone has already filed a formal complaint with the FEC over this. Oops!

    Pampers is a flip flopping, race card playing, two-faced, fraudulent lying heap of steaming turd who is wholly and totally unfit to hold public office. He should be rejected by the automatic delegates at the convention, and run out of the Senate.

    Wow, that felt amazing!

  6. diamondtiger says:

    Feels good, doesn’t it Shtuey!

    I believe that Gumby, the leaders in the DNC and Donna Brazile are traitors and as such, should be treated like traitors. That’s change I CAN BELIEVE IN!

  7. commonsensegram says:

    great blog! I spend so much time reading opther people I don’t write anymore! I missed the new Tom in Paine piece- I will have to look at it!
    It’s me- Proud Military Mom! I am bookmarking you now!

  8. Oh, NICELY done, DT!! Impressive piece. I think it needs to be seen far and wide! 🙂

  9. diamondtiger says:

    Hey Rev!

    Some of the SDs are not too happy with me. Too bad, I will just keep writing the truth.

    Thanks for stopping by,


  10. guido in florida says:

    ALERT! ALERT! The Obambi team is definitely worried about Puma and their clout. Evidence of that is the change they called for to allow all the Florida delegates to be counted at a full vote. He did that after they had replaced many of the original Florida Clinton delegates with Florida Obambi delgates so that thinking ahead if it does come down to a floor vote he will actually have more delegates who will vote for him on the first ballot. No one is talking about this. How can he replace delegates when he has not been nominated.
    Sounds like the same thuggery that took place in the Texas Caucuses and we know what that outcome was. Don’t wait challenge the change in Foridas delegates to the convention now before it is too late!

  11. Sam Sneed says:

    Suerdelegates were created for this one reason; to save the party from nominating a canadaite that CAN NOT BE ELECTED! Crunch the electoral numbers and you are looking at Obama loosing in a landslide. Only Hillary can compete in November and SHE CAN WIN! Help us supers, save us from another 8 years of misguided leadership!!

  12. Senex,Ireland says:

    A well reasoned and polite summons to the Super Delegates.

    The question is will they listen to common sense now or

    has their support and vote been carefully manipulated by

    various means, and they are no longer independent…….

    to cast their vote as per their conscience.

    Senator Clinton has been reduced to a puppet sadly, her

    strings are being pulled by the Democratic National

    Committee and by Senator Obama, she is now only an

    actress who must adhere to the scrip and use only the

    permitted lines…………..This must be very distressing

    for her.

    As for the impartial vote in Denver, they way it is

    being suggested is nothing more than a charade…

    Allow a vote which she must not win or if she did she

    would have to refuse the White House in favour of the

    arrogant one………

    She said on video this week ,when a supporter mentioned
    about her winning the nomination at a vote in Denver…
    she responded that would not happen……… It is getting

    more farcial day by day….. and they are treating the

    voters as if they were totally uneducated………

    Are there similarities to Germany and the Nuremburg rallies of 1936/1939 which all but extinguished democracy

    The best solution for the United States will not come

    out of Denver in August, the only hope for the country

    is for the people to use their vote in the most sensible

    manner, in November 08.and prevent a disaster for the

    next four years

    I hope the Super Delegates will listen to your wise

    conseil……..Good fortune LM.


  13. diamondtiger says:

    Senex! 🙂

    Welcome back and thank you for leaving a comment for the readers.

    I personally am saddened by the responses that have come from SDs and PDs to this letter. I am thinking that they are too proud to back the winner and will be carrying the shame of Obama’s defeat for many years to come. The Democratic Party is dying as we speak and will be completely obliterated when Obama loses, just like all the others before. The Democratic base is tired of the left wing of their party hijacking the nomination every four years.

    Months ago, at a time when the republican nominee had not been chosen, I had heard numerous comments from average Americans saying that America would never vote for a woman as president and maybe that is why they are still behind this empty chair. I personally do not think that America is that narrow-minded.

  14. Linda says:

    My own analysis mirrors yours. The primary was a fraud and the only way this can be set right is by a vigorous and open debate in the convention. The DNC should have never pandered to such an inexperienced, inept candidate. If they don’t find a way to get honest, all of us lose for at least 4 more years.

    THE SANCTION OF THE VICTIM http://lnab.newsvine.com/_news/2008/08/09/1734786-the-sanction-of-the-victim

  15. EMJ says:

    Check out this site:

    It includes a page from Obama’s official website calling for people to pray for Hillary and her supporters – to see the light!

    The associated groups for this effort (Community Service) include Pro-life for Obama, Faith-Action-Change Virginia, Barack’s Inspired Phone Bank Army (small print in box). Such groups certainly have a right to exist and a right to their websites, but this is Obama’s official website!

  16. jmk says:

    I’m with you diamond tiger. it’s time for Americans to stand together and


  17. Dave L. says:

    I am a little late reading this article and no one will probably see what I wrote, but I will type it anyway to make myself feel better. Obama gamed the system in the primaries. There is no way the Red States he won are going to go Blue in the general election. He chased after delegates in states that no practical Democrat would have wasted the money campaigning in. That’s old news. but the pandering and flip-flopping that Obama has shown the nation along with his obvious lack of experience is going to distroy the country. I don’t want McCain, but I refuse to vote for Obama only because he is the only choice.
    Nothing against Obama, but with 143 days as a US Senator I do not see him as leader of the free world. We were all shamed by the media, Axelrod, and all those supporters who played the race card by making everyone feel like a racist if you did not vote for Obama…and now we have big problems! The truth is Hillary is the one.

  18. diamondtiger says:


    More than a few people will see what you wrote, this particular post is one of the most clicked on right now. Chin Up…keep up the good fight.

    “Nothing against Obama, but with 143 days as a US Senator I do not see him as leader of the free world. We were all shamed by the media, Axelrod, and all those supporters who played the race card by making everyone feel like a racist if you did not vote for Obama…and now we have big problems! The truth is Hillary is the one.”

    You are repeating the mantra of Millions!!!

  19. Geoff Garver says:

    I want a Democratic Attorney General, a Democratic Sec of State, a Democratic EPA Administrator, a Democratic VP to break ties in the Senate, a Democratic Executive Branch. We get so focused on the one person, the presidential candidate. It is about so much more than that. John McCain and the people he would bring in will continue destroying this country: bad on taxes, bad on social issues, bad on economics (clueless on economics, actually), bad on foreign policy, bad bad bad bad. And he will choose Supreme Court justices and federal judges, surrounding with more incompetence as W has done for the last 8 years. Yes, the Hope Bubble is bursting. But doesn’t this country need a Dem Administration? What are your REAL issues?

  20. diamondtiger says:

    The country does need a Democrat – Hillary Clinton; and it needs to boot the DNC hierarchy that installed this loser.

    I personally don’t think John McCain could screw things up any worse than Obama. In fact, I think Obama is probably the worst possible choice for president in over 100 years. So you better start fighting for Hillary, because considering the Borg Prince’s actual track record, you’d better pray he doesn’t get ultimate power.

  21. Greg says:

    F**k PUMA and fall in line with the party you bunch of dumb asses. You want McCain. This web site via word press and just say no is a republican plant who enjoys playing on Fox News. Get a grip idiots

  22. diamondtiger says:

    That last comment was very pleasant, was it not? I have left it on my website just so that whoever might actually still be deciding to vote for Bambi Obama will see what kind of supporters Gumby actually has. Threats and vicious name calling have no effect on PUMAs – keep it up – you make yourselves look bad.

    As for falling in line? After voting for as long as I have and seeing what kind of candidates are put before the American public….no thank you…not falling in line for this empty chair with no experience and questionable friends. As for falling in line for the DNC – out of the question – they made this mess happen. We are going to clean it up.

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