PUMA Politics: Pumas Making a Difference?

An interesting tidbit that I am sure the Obamanation and the DNC are probably having totally secret squirrel meetings about.  According to Rasmussen this morning:

During July, the number of Americans who consider themselves to be Democrats fell two percentage points to 39.2%. That’s the first time since January that the number of Democrats has fallen below 41%.

While the number of Democrats declined, there was virtually no change in the number of Republicans. In July, 31.6% said they were Republicans, the fourth straight month that number has been below 31.4% and 31.6%.

The Democrats now have a 7.6 percentage point advantage over the Republicans, down from a 9.5 percentage point advantage in June and 10.1 percentage points in May.

August 1, 2008
Republican Democrat Other R – D Quarterly
July 31.6% 39.2% 29.2% -7.6%
Jun 31.5% 41.0% 27.5% -9.5% -9.9%
May 31.6% 41.7% 26.6% -10.1%
Apr 31.4% 41.4% 27.2% -10.0%
Mar 32.1% 41.1% 26.8% -9.1% -8.1%
Feb 31.8% 41.5% 26.7% -9.7%
Jan 33.1% 38.7% 28.2% -5.6%

If the Borg Collective thinks that they will win the White House in November with more numbers tanking, they are definitely on something stronger than just the koolaid.

PUMAs knew that the snowball was rolling and getting larger, only now is it finally showing up in black and white for all to see.  If you want to add your voice to the growing movement, go here and here.

UPDATE: Aug 4th, 2008: Rasmussen is reporting that John McCain has taken the lead when leaners are included, go here.

12 Responses to “PUMA Politics: Pumas Making a Difference?”
  1. edgeoforever says:

    hey, they were going to rather grow the party than win! 😉
    Gotcha on the blogroll

  2. EMJ says:

    Dear Gallup Poll,

    Contact Gallup Poll at feedback@gallup.com

    Tell them to not assume that Obama will be the Dem. nominee, and suggest that they start polling both a McCain/Obama contest and a McCain/ Clinton contest.

  3. diamondtiger says:

    Here is a site that everybody might enjoy – I mean PUMAs that is…


  4. If you want to contact the delegates and superdelegates via postcards, I have designed nine of them that contain factual, powerful statements to vote for Hillary Clinton as President.

    you can find mailing lists to mail your postcards to at http://www.PROTEST-POSTCARDS.com

  5. kris in NM says:

    Love the website- excellent content and links. Thanks for your excellent work to promote democracy in the Democratic party!

    Proud PUMA

  6. EMJ says:

    How many votes does Obama need to lose – meaning they either switch to Hillary or go back to undecided / unannounced — to no longer have a “lock” on the nomination? It’s also worth contacting SDs and asking them to switch back to Uncommitted.

  7. jan says:

    Wake up people! Hillary is NOT going to be running on the democratic ticket. If you do not believe this, the word is DENIAL. Look it up. You girls are really morons.

    If you support HRC and what she stands for then, why would you not support Obama? He stands pretty much the same on almost every issue. He has more ability to drum up support and get funding… and hey, let’s face it, he won in the primaries. Fighting over this now is just shooting the DNC in the foot and for those who call themselves democrats, it is completely irresponsible and un-american. You may as well be a Bush Cheeney supporter which was what made you want change in the first place.

    It seems to me… like the only last die hard HRC supporters are: angry women or racists who are in denial about reality and would complain and be a stick in the mud vs. working for our common goals. Angry women… GET OVER IT. (Racists… I can’t explain you guys.. that’s just ignorance)

    HRC supporters… listen to your girl – SHE IS EVEN TELLING YOU TO VOTE FOR OBAMA!!!

  8. Nate says:

    Wow…. found this all through a mention on a “mainstream” article.

    I don’t fawn over Obama. I MET Hillary as she visited the NH coffeeshop right next door to my dental office (she graciously accepted a free recyclable toothbrush!).

    HOWEVER. I say this as a ’00 Nader supporter and an ’04 Dean supporter – you have GOT to get over it and “moveon”…. how on EARTH can anyone think that McCain/bushlite is somehow superior to ANY Dem? Obama, Clinton, Edwards, even freakin’ DODD, would be better than mccain/bush…. please, get behind the nominee…

    Oh, you say there were DNC dirty tricks etc etc etc? I have evidence the Bill ‘n Hillary machine (fronted by Clark) robo-called Dean supporters in NH to trick them into voting too late or not getting to polls etc…. So as far as that accusation goes, the dirty tricks cut both ways. Karma. Basically if you think Obama is dirty aka chicago poli-machine and Hillary is clean as the driven snow, you are living in denial and a fantasy land.

    so, as much as i respect HRC, her supporters need to do whats’ best for the party, best for the US and best for the world…even if you have to hold your nose, vote Obama/Biden…

  9. diamondtiger says:

    “so, as much as i respect HRC, her supporters need to do whats’ best for the party, best for the US and best for the world…even if you have to hold your nose, vote Obama/Biden…”

    Hey OBOT – go away….I do not need to do what is best for the party, they did not do their best for me. I must do what is best for the country and that includes making sure Gumby does not become the Leader of the Free World.

  10. Selena says:

    Hi Pumanation. I have a question for all of you. What would it take to get you to vote for Obama in November? Would you have changed your minds if Obama picked Clinton for the VP spot?


  11. diamondtiger says:


    I cannot and will not speak for the whole PUMAnation as you call it. For me personally, the only thing that would get me to vote Dem this year would be for Obama to withdraw from this race and Senator Clinton to become the nominee. Then I would vote for the Dems this year.

    I will NEVER vote for Bambi!

  12. Selena says:

    Diamondtiger, you made me laugh 🙂 I must have missed it, why do you call Obama Bambi? Sorry to hear that you will not be voting for the Dems this year. I personally liked both of the candidates (Obama and Clinton) and in the end voted for Obama in the primaries. However, I was ok with either candidate winning the nomination. I guess that’s why I don’t understand the whole idea of being so against one of the candidates. I just hope that you and all the pumanation really do your homework and compare the two candiates (Obama and McCain) and make a good choice that is based on their policies and not the sole fact that you are a part of pumanation. Thanks for responding to my post!

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