PUMA Politics For Dummies.

Over the course of the last six weeks, more and more people are hearing about P.U.M.A and the Just Say No Deal Coalition and looking for information about this viral movement.  Since the Main Stream Media (with the exception of FOX) isn’t about to give you the facts about PUMAs, I humbly thought it might be helpful to post my own observations about what I have seen and heard from PUMAs since the group started.  For all of you out in the ether who are just hearing about PUMA and JSND and wondering about the many and diverse voices saying Nobama, Not Now, Not Ever; this might help you understand the coalition better.  I have linked up Just Say No Deal’s YouTube channel to help get you up to speed.

There are some myths that need to be debunked also. Here is a quote from an American talking about other Americans (and I respect free speech):

MSNBC’s First Read’s story about Hillary as a VP choice.

Hillary’s supporters are not needed by Obama. He’ll have enough votes without them. Those fat old poor white women can go pound salt.

Ames Johnston, Battle Creek MI (Sent Saturday, July 12, 2008 1:51 PM)

The #1 biggest myth about PUMAs:

1. All Pumas are old, menopausal, bitter white women. Wrong!  According to the Just Say No Deal founders, a significant percentage; as much as 40%, are men.  Here is a PUMA man who is angry, to say the least, that Obama has continued to vote against Native American interests, has voted against the American people and with the Telecoms in regards to FISA, cannot seem to find a single position and stick with it, and that he has left his chair empty while campaigning. This PUMA man believes that when any single person is diminished in any way, then every person is diminished.

"I Dare You To Call Me A Fat Old White Woman To My Face"

And here is an excerpt from No We Won’t Blogtalk Radio where Barbara, a black lady from Mississippi called in to tell the listeners that she marched with Martin Luther King and that Barack Obama is a “race-baiting phony.”

2.  PUMAs are “cloaked republicans”.

According to the Anti-Puma sites that sprung up about the same time as H.O.U.N.D., we are all “cloaked republicans” working to ensure a 3rd Bush Term.  Here is quote from one such site.  Please note that PUMAs are all racists.

Love the site. PUMA is a fraud – a bunch of republican racists who were voting for McCain anyway.

No democrat woman would vote to assure the repeal of Roe v Wade under McCain. They aren’t democrats – never were.

by Dan July 8, 2008 at 8:50 pm

Once again, wrong.  PUMAs come from all walks of life, are white, black, native american, asian, latino, gay, straight, male, female, and are from all political parties; Democrats, Republicans, Indies.  We do not have a problem with the color of Obama’s skin, we have a problem with everything else about Barack Obama; his lack of experience, his voting or “not-voting” record, his un-american associates, his using the race card against a Former President and the American people, and how he failed his Chicago constituents are among a long list of deal breakers.

We all have the common goal of keeping Barack Obama and whatever agenda he wants to fly with today out of the White House, and is in part due to the decision of the Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting on May 31st, 2008.  If the Democratic Party had followed it’s own “rules”, American voters in Michigan and Florida would not have been disenfranchised and ruled 1/2 people AND Hillary Clinton would have had the delegate lead to take the nomination.  This is why you will hear PUMAs say that Barack Obama was selected, not elected.  Why did states that were slated to be won by Barack Obama receive sanctions so that their elections would count and states that Senator Clinton was slated to win receive a punishment?   Why does the DNC or fellow democrats think that the almost 2.3 million people who voted in those two states have anything to do with a contract that Senator Clinton signed saying that the votes wouldn’t count?  These are American voters whose votes count because of the very charter of the party they are members of.

Fellow Democrats with selective reasoning want us to stop whining, sit down, shut up, fall in line, yada, yada, yada.  Their argument is that Michigan and Florida don’t count.  Obama won and Clinton lost; also not true.  Neither candidate reached the required number of delegates to secure the nomination.  I call it selective reasoning because the Democratic Party Charter has as one of it’s provisions the concept of “Fair Reflection”.  What happened on May 31st, 2008 at the RBC meeting was the death of democracy.  600,000 Michigan voters were not fairly reflected.  Barack Obama was awarded uncommitted delegates when he himself had voluntarily taken his name off the ballot. He was also awarded 4 of Senator Clinton’s delegates.  How can anyone say that the decision they came up with doesn’t violate the charter of the party? Does this fairly reflect the Michigan voters that supported her?  Does the 1/2 delegation from Florida fairly reflect all the people that voted there?

From the Charter:

Article Two, Section 4, (b) and (g):

Section 4. The National Convention shall be composed of delegates equally divided between men and women. The delegates shall be chosen through processes which:

(b) assure that delegations fairly reflect the division of preferences expressed by those who participate in the Presidential nominating process,

Democratic National Committee in the Call to the Convention,
(g) prohibit unpledged and uncommitted delegates, except delegates or alternates expressing an uncommitted preference shall be permitted to be elected at the district level, in which event, if such preference meets the applicable threshold and qualifies for at-large or similar delegates or alternates, such at-large or similar delegates or alternates shall be allocated to that uncommitted preference as if it were a presidential candidate,

What Harold Ickes had to say about the hijacking of delegates is completely true and inarguable.

Another reason PUMAs are so up in arms is a general provision in the very same charter.  The decision to 1/2 Florida delegates and award Michigan delegates to Barack Obama was made behind closed doors with a secret ballot. Link here to CSpan’s video vault.

Article 9, General Provisions:

Section 12. All meetings of the Democratic National Committee, the Executive Committee, and all other official Party committees, commissions and bodies shall be open to the public, and votes shall not be taken by secret ballot.

Currently, there is talk about not putting Senator Clinton’s name into nomination at the Convention, though this is not unprecedented, it would be an insult to Senator Clinton, her staff and her 18 million supporters when the delegate difference between the two candidates is so microscopically thin, neither candidate reached the required delegate count for the nomination, the controversy surrounding the primaries and the RBC decision was so immense, and the true political nature of Barack Obama now coming to light.  According to a recent Rasmussen poll, Senator Clinton is leading Senator McCain by 8 percentage points.  Senator Clinton is the stronger democratic candidate.

Take a look at the Blogroll on the right.  Pick a site and you will find an American voter, almost always a democrat, and the reasons why they won’t vote for, and in most cases, will work against Barack Obama’s nomination and election.  Start with Just Say No Deal, No Quarter, The Confluence, ClintonDems, Hire Heels….you will find intelligent, thoughtful insight into why PUMAs Just Say No Deal and why we believe that Barack Obama is not the best choice for President.

If you are a PUMA, please leave a comment for others to read about why you are a PUMA.  Mahalo, Diamond

21 Responses to “PUMA Politics For Dummies.”

    Great article!

  2. T. L. says:

    Excellent, excellent article that encapsulates the reasons for the PUMAs and Just Say No Dealers’ existence, and the blatant subversion of democracy that was this primary season, culminating in the crimes against democracy at the RBC meeting on the 31st of May, 2008! Thanks for posting this!

  3. Mary Ellen says:

    Thank you for this post! I’m so tired of hearing the same old slams at PUMA’s..especially that “bitter old women” remark. Very well put together, kiddo. It needs to go up on No Quarter, too!

  4. colin silver says:

    The DNC penalized Michigan and Florida for moving their primaries to earlier dates in violation of party rules. Both states were stripped of their delegates, and the party’s presidential candidates signed a pledge not to campaign in either state, yes Hillary and Obama signed a pledge. Why would either of them sign this pledge if they thought it was wrong in the first place? Why didn’t Hillary or Obama stand up for those disenfranchised voters when this happened? Why didn’t I here about a P.U.M. A., until after Obama won and not after Florida and Michigan were penalized (since its all about the voters). To sum this up, I don’t think there would be a P.U.M.A if Clinton would have won. If I’m wrong; the P.U.M.A’s are fighting for those voters in Florida and Michigan and this has nothing to do with Hillary or Obama. If I’m wrong the P.U.M.A’s will vote for the candidate who he or she feels is the best person for this country without hate or malice. But I don’t think I’m wrong.

  5. diamondtiger says:

    Colin…you haven’t been paying attention, have you? Obama blocked the revote in those two states, took his name off the ballot in Michigan; and 4 other states (states that were slated to be won by Obama) were given waivers by the DNC so that their elections would count….but not Michigan and Florida (slated to be won by Clinton).

    I really think PUMA would have existed if the election had been rigged in Clinton’s favor. American’s do not like fixed elections and after 2000, we definitely don’t want it happening again!!!

    I think you are here because you know what is going to happen. Obama is going to be defeated in November. Remember, the DNC did this, not us. We are trying to keep America democratic. IF he was the messiah, he would be trouncing McCain. He is NOT. Get over that….

  6. colin silver says:

    I am here because I wanted to educate myself on your views and the facts nothing more. This is where I got my information, send me yours.


  7. diamondtiger says:


    go here and this article explains it well, from start to finish.


    The only thing it leaves out is why Hillary Clinton is so hated.

  8. memi S says:

    Obama is an empty suit, and a covert misogynist and should not be trusted by any woman voter.

    See “Obama Gives Hillary the F!nger” You tube mega hit where he ‘flip-offs’ (guess out of respect?) his fellow female senator while scraping her (like JayZ rapper!) off his shoes like excrement! Then he goes on stage with
    BERNIE MAC, the disgusting moron that he chums aruond with and pseudo-admonishes Bernie for saying that “MOTHERS and SISTERS IN FAMILIES CAN BE CALLED REALISTICALLY ‘WHORES'”!!!
    Then Obama finishes by saying “Hey, Bernie, I was just messing with you!” it’s okay to call these women ‘hos!!!!

    And this juvenile,narcissistic psychotherapeutic reject wants to lead a country! Obama, go back to your fellow political Chicago sewer rats–where you really belong!

  9. I love this post. Thank you for writing it!


  10. JakeZ says:

    I think you PUMA people are just plain insane. Listen to your crazy rantings. You’re worse than the extreme right-wing.

    “See “Obama Gives Hillary the F!nger” You tube mega hit where he ‘flip-offs’ (guess out of respect?) his fellow female senator while scraping her (like JayZ rapper!) off his shoes like excrement.”

    Do you hear yourselves?

  11. BHO will win says:

    I don’t want to call ” Lee M., Nez Perce Nation” a fat old woman to his face. I want to call him an ugly, crazy fat old woman to his face.

  12. JakeZ says:

    You PUMA people are just plain insane. Listen to your crazy rantings. You’re worse than the extreme right-wing.

    “See “Obama Gives Hillary the F!nger” You tube mega hit where he ‘flip-offs’ (guess out of respect?) his fellow female senator while scraping her (like JayZ rapper!) off his shoes like excrement.”

    Do you hear yourselves?

  13. JakeZ says:

    Also, stop deleting my comments. Or is this just some Republican-fabricated echo chamber to create the make-believe notion that PUMA is a real movement?

  14. diamondtiger says:

    Hey JakeZ,

    I haven’t been deleting your comments because, I for one, believe in free speech and a democracy where everybody’s vote is actually theirs to own and award to whatever candidate they choose. As for being insane, why did you spend 13 minutes on my site reading? Don’t you have something better to do than educate yourself on the death of democracy; because obviously, if you are voting for Obama, you should be trying to touch his hem and praise him, yes? How is that volunteering to sign up other Hitler Youth so as to get into Invesco coming?

    BTW, how is B&O Espresso up on the hill doing?

  15. diamondtiger says:

    BHO Will Win….

    I will make sure Lee gets your message….and then we will go from there…..

  16. diamondtiger says:

    For the sane among us….I am putting these comments up because I think it is necessary to see how Obama supporters are actually thinking and acting. If Obama’s supporters are like this, what does it say about him?

    I don’t think I have even been this rude in my life….

  17. diamondtiger says:

    I don’t know about the rest of the PUMAs out there, but the previous Borg Collective comments are showing fear and desperation. Why are you here giving me a hard time and insulting a native american veteran? Please keep thinking we are republicans….the shock will be more than you can bear later on.

  18. Laurie says:

    They think we’re Republicans because they have been told we’re Republicans. They thought Hillary had given up on Health Care as soon as she entered the White House, because they were told so.
    They thought Hillary was cheating, or using “the nuclear option”(NYT) over Michigan and Florida, because they were told that. It didn’t strike them as unusual that Hill should be running on 48 states instead of 50-those were the RULZ.
    Brazile now considers PUMAs to be “toxic waste”. Samantha Powers considered Hill to be a “power-hungry bitch”. Those are the subtle (snark) messages the high-ups in the Obama camp are sending to his supporters. Meanwhile Barack gives speeches on “the breaking down of walls” in Germany, having conglomerated the DNC into his campaign office in the Windy city.

  19. Steven says:

    I agree that neither PUMAs nor the anti-PUMAs should be calling each other names. That’s just what the Republicans want to see and foster. However, quoting this article or that article or this justification or that justification are irrelevant. While the Democratic Party’s nomination process is typically screwed up (why can’t this party get its act together?), we are bound by the rules, regardless of their stupidity, and destroying the party and/or voting for McCain is ridiculously counter-productive. I’d like to hear the PUMA movement suggesting a better way, advocating for a reform of the primary process, etc., in a respectful and constructive manner and not advocating voting for McCain. I guess everyone thinks that an old President facing a hostile, Democrat-controlled Congress will be gridlocked and held in check (I read that incredibly short-sighted and naive post on another blog). They forget that this type of gridlock could lead to a radical reshaping of Congress in 2010 (long before Hillary would get another chance to be President) that would open the floodgates to the Republican doctrines and conservative Supreme Court Justices that will threaten this country for decades to come. Is your angst worth that damage? I was and am a Hillary supporter, but the fact remains that, had Hillary put together an effective, long-term campaign (beyond Super Tuesday), she would have won the nomination outright and the Michigan and Florida votes would not have amounted to a hill of beans. Time to move on and make sure this type of crap doesn’t happen in the next nomination process. In the meantime, if you think a vote for McCain is better than a vote for Obama and electing him will teach the DNC a lesson, you’re selfishly fooling yourself. Think about it.

  20. diamondtiger says:

    I respect your opinion but putting Obama in the WH is probably this worst possible thing that could happen to our country.

    go here: http://tomlitchford.blogspot.com/2008/07/forty-years-of-latte-liberal-treason.html

    and read my post: The Denver Convention, You Will Be Assimilated.

    After reading those two articles – come on back and leave a comment.

    Everybody has to stop thinking this is about Hillary losing – it’s gone way beyond that. This is NOT about HRC, this is about keeping our country safe from whatever agenda the DNC has with electing Barack Obama and keeping our country safe from The Borg Prince.

  21. Used2bdemocrat says:

    The democrat party has lost the allegiance of millions of voters. I never thought the party would ever become the corrupt organization that it is. The primary’s were a sham, not because hilliary lost but because of the manipulation of the system that the leadership used to ensure an obama victory. The disenfranchised voters of Florida and Michigan are going to haunt the party for years to come.

    It is apparent that the (black) obama voters are overwhelmingly racist. What other race votes by over 90% for a particular candidate. Their reasoning for voting for obama would not be acceptable if the roles were reversed with white people voting in this magnitude for a particular candidate of their skin color. Blacks would shout racism incessantly.

    I have never supported obama, and I did not support hilliary. As a moderate democrat I could not support either of these two liberal candidates. I supported edwards.

    There are to many unknowns about obama,such as his questionable associations, the actions of his anti american mentor for over 20 years, along with studying with a group of people whose mission charter epouses black power racist marist theology. Not to mention that obama has no experience that qualifies him for the office of POTUS.

    Come November, obama will not recieve my vote.

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