Gumby Is Crying For Cash….

I feel like such a dork…I can’t lift this video off of Bambi’s website….so this will have to suffice.   Click here to see the video of David Plouffe begging for a handout because McCain and the RNC are kicking the DNC’s butt.  This harkens back to “Is The Democratic Suicide Train Running Out Of Steam?“.

Paybacks are a bitch, aren’t they Gumby?

2 Responses to “Gumby Is Crying For Cash….”
  1. Shtuey says:

    That’s just some sad and pathetic bull dooky right there. Plouffe is turd. His candidate is a turd. Bet you guys wish you had the kind of support Hillary Clinton has with her suspended campaign. We raised $10 million in a week; more than twice what the DNC has in the bank. Sucks to be you!

  2. HILLARY2008 says:

    I just lllllllllllove it! This is democracy!

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