Democracy? What Is It Worth?

I’ve been watching the Barack and Hillary tour of joint fundraisers to support him and retire her debt.  He, of course, has problems getting to her events and she’s right on time; keeping her word.  Many of you may not know that it has been reported that the Obama team has only raised $100,000 (This is also today’s AYFKM? Award) to retire Senator Clinton’s debt, and as we all know, the DNC keeps moving the bar on her; first she has until the Convention, then she has until July 15th and now it’s July 11th. Would you like to know why? Please watch this video, read on, and THINK about what the DNC is up to now….

Can you say $10 Million Dollars?  Can you?  Compared to $100,000?  I just love races; I really, really do.  It feels like Jack and the Beanstalk and the Giant is trying to step on us.

Remember, Senator Clinton did not ask Pumas to retire her debt; she asked for help from the Obama team, and what did they deliver?  A footnote to a campaign speech and $100K? Does anybody want to tell me where the party unity is and where it is supposed to start?  Shouldn’t it be coming from the Obama team, as they have been selected the winners, and why is the DNC moving the target date over and over again, if not to hold that debt over her head as some kind of penance for staying in the race when she was winning and control her actions up until August 25th?  Unfortunately for them, they cannot control the actions of millions of voters as evidenced by the amount of greenbacks raised in such a short time.

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked the same question that the interviewer asked Will Bower.  Why retire the debt of a millionaire?  Some people’s kids just don’t get it.  This isn’t about paying off Hillary’s debt because we love her, (and we do); it’s about putting your money where your mouth is and standing up to the Obamanation for what’s right.  We all know that if she receives serious financial help from Gumbi, then she has to go out on stage, say really nice things about him and ask her supporters to embrace the DNC’s selected candidate.  Gumbi is asking for her 18 million supporters wrapped up in paper and a bow in return for cash.  (I am not even going to go there….)  How moronic is that?  Just because it’s been done before;  A. doesn’t make it right, and B. doesn’t mean it’s going to happen again. This is, once again, about standing up for Democracy and the people’s choice.  Yes, that’s right, the people’s choice.  Now, Dean, Brazile and assorted crew want to silence 18 Million Americans that voted for Senator Clinton the only way they know how…through money; and from what I see, they are doing a pathetic, shameful job AGAIN!

As an American, if you stand up and join us to alleviate this newest backroom maneuver, you are saying NO DEAL!  You are saying that you stand behind the Constitution and Democracy.  Hillary was not the one who gave sanctions to states that Obama was slated to win.  Hillary was not the one who disenfranchised Michigan and Florida (still).  Hillary is not the one moving the bar.  The DNC was and is the organization that is trying to rewrite history and set precedent.  Are you going to allow that to happen.  Are you going to let Dean, Pelosi, Reid, Brazile and worst of all, Gumbi, write precedent?

Are you this:

Or are you this:

Tell The Obamanation That We Are Not For Sale! Click on this link and JUST SAY NO DEAL!

5 Responses to “Democracy? What Is It Worth?”
  1. Deni says:

    Very good article explaining why it is so important to help Senator Clinton pay off her debt. Puma leads many organizations still fighting and supporting her. All of her supporters believe in her policies and what she stands for. No matter what has happened. She is the stronger Democratic candidate. She gets it. Obama is a disappointment and has offered very little support in helping her retire her debt.

  2. Mary Ellen says:

    Is there any chance at all that she can retire her debt by tonight? This is just wrong…this is NOT a Democracy. The DNC has become just like the mob, no wonder they’ve moved their offices to Chicago.

  3. diamondtiger says:

    Yes, her debt can be retired by Midnight tonight. Estimated at less than 5 million. If every Puma (sources say an estimated 2.5 million pumas on the internet only) gave $5 each it would be $12,500,000.00 I think that about covers it, don’t you?

    Open your wallets people, give up that Latte, and say NO DEAL!!!

  4. diamondtiger says:

    I want to congratulate the chickenshit above for actually posting something. Everyone, the obamanation has found me and has provided me with a deleted website and IP address. Does this tell everybody what type of zombiebot we have been dealing with?

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  1. Hahaha

    “Bro’s before hoes eh?”

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