Obama Supporters and Republicans welcome….

I noticed when Gumbi made his biggest gaffe ever with the support of FISA, that his base started to break apart.  Look at Moveon.org and the other linchpins of his “coalition” that have been thrown under the bus. PUMAs became aware of what is now occurring in the country and not too many people are talking about it yet.

By ones and twos, Obama supporters and Republicans are joining the PUMA cause.  I think there were quite a few Repubs out there that are toeing the same line I do here in Hawaii; be a Hillary supporter and DON’T TELL ANYBODY for fear of having your family targeted.  I have been given permission to reprint all of Patrick Henry’s post from the blog Patriot City.  I found this article over at Real Clear Politics and was moved to write the author about posting it here.

Oh YEAH!  I know that I will be called a “Cloaked Republican”  AGAIN!!  Hahahahahaha….yeah, whatever.  I think that more people should know that there has always been a bigger base for HRC than Obama.  I would invite those Obama supporters that are seeing him for what he really is, and all other Americans to join our movement to keep Obama out of the White House.  Please feel free to leave your comments about why you SAY NO DEAL to Obama in the White House.

“A Republican Convert to PUMA-ism”

I have to admit this is a post I never thought I would write. Sometimes conditions change and thoughts are expressed in a way that changes hearts and minds. On that note I would like to declare that I am a Republican convert to the PUMA movement. (If you need a primer on the hottest movement in the country click on this link.)

When the campaigns started last year I fell into the trap like many Republicans of thinking that we should do everything in our power to stop Hillary. I confess that I was persuaded over the last several years by the conservative talking heads that Hillary would be the worst thing for the country. I am somewhat of a moralist and I never really forgave her husband for his adultery while in office. Not only did he cheat, but he lied about it under oath! I thought it was a disgrace to an office held by greater men and patriots. Unfortunately, I let that incident bleed over into my impressions of of Hillary.

But, then a remarkable thing happened. As I followed the election coverage and actually listened to candidates on both sides, I realized that Hillary Clinton is really an amazing politician — tough, opinionated, strong and well-versed on policy. She does not capitulate or pander. She has her positions which are well thought out and she articulates them convincingly. She is a great candidate. I may disagree politically, but I have to admit I respect her and admire her for her accomplishments.

I thought McCain v. Clinton would have been a great dialogue and debate for the American people. It would have been a true race with two tested and ready politicians who care deeply about this nation. Unfortunately, a certain segment of the Democratic party led by John Kerry and Howard Dean decided that their ego’s and need for power were greater than the needs of our country. These Democrats saw Obama as the perfect puppet from which to pull the strings and to give them power. They propped him up, altered the rules and he won the nomination. When you look back and realize he won almost every caucus, you realize his victory was hollow and not a true representation of the will of the people. On top of that the debacle in Florida and Michigan was an utter shame. As a Republican, I watched that play out and I thought, “They are not really going to ignore two of the most important states in the union.” But, Howard Dean and his crew found a way to make a mockery of the whole process and alienate the party members in two states. In Michigan they actually allocated delegates to a candidate who was not on the ballot (OBAMA) and did this allocation based on exit polls!! Regardless of your political party, as an American, this has to get you fired up and passionate about the destruction and manipulation of the system.

On that note over the past several weeks I have taken great interest in the PUMA movement within the Democratic party. I think this movement is vital for our democracy and I am outraged that it is being ignored by the main stream media. Their bias towards Obama is obfuscating the true political story that is in the works. I believe that the PUMA’s should go to Denver and make a stand for the real candidate from the Democratic side — Senator Clinton.

Please, PUMA’s keep up the enthusiasm, their are many Republicans out there who are sympathetic to your cause. You may think this is because we want to see infighting within your party, but as for me that is simply not the case. I would rather see Hillary come out of Denver and win in a free and fair election, than have Obama anywhere near the Oval Office.

Keep fighting and please vote for this article on Real Clear Politics if you agree. It is a strong way to start getting the message heard. If we unite and keep fighting the media will have to start addressing the circumstances and then we can rally the masses to the cause!! Keep up the good work.

4 Responses to “Obama Supporters and Republicans welcome….”
  1. Mary Ellen says:

    I thought that after this FISA vote, the Obamabots would finally get it. They would finally see that they have been lied to…bamboozled, as it were. Then when I saw that our gal Hillary stuck to her guns and voted for what she truly believed in, our rights as Americans under the 4th Amendment. I thought, surely, they will see that she was the better candidate. But do you know what I saw on the blogs of these so-called Progressives? Excuses for Obama. They were remarking that Hillary only voted that way to make Obama look bad. They just couldn’t take into consideration that Obama made himself look bad!

    Obama hoodwinked them again when he said that he would fight to remove the telecom immunity from that bill, and yet he voted no on the Dodd Amendment and other Amendments that did just that. After which he voted yes on the bill that contained the immunity for telecoms. But who do they blame for this? Hillary.

    Even Feingold made excuses for Obama. He said on MSNBC that Obama is the only one we can trust to “fix” this bill after he is President? They trust this guy to fix the bill he supported with his “Yes” vote? What–is–wrong–with–these–people???

    I feel sick about this bill…just sick.

    Oh, and good ol’ Jim Webb doesn’t disappoint, does he? Again, he stuck it to the Democrats who voted for him. No wonder why Obama likes him so much, they’re two peas in a pod.

  2. Mary Ellen says:

    The PUMA’s must really be making inroads, I’m seeing them being dissed all over the blogosphere today by all the so-called Progressive Obamabots. They’re pissed at Obama because of the FISA vote, so it’s everyone’s fault but his.

  3. Tony Kondaks says:

    Do pledged Obama delegates have the obligation to switch votes at the convention if they feel that he no longer represents the sentiments of those that elected him?

    The DNC rules not only allow it, they encourage it:


  4. diamondtiger says:

    Hey Ted,
    I have my own copy of the DNC Charter right here and have been consulting it for weeks.

    Thanks for stopping by and as you may have already seen, I put you in my bloglist.

    Keep Fighting for Democracy!

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