“Coming together is our responsibility.” (Depends on the Togetherness)

The article listed below is 99% about Michelle Obama making a pitch for women’s votes. I am not inclined at the moment to cover that angle of this article, I more interested in something near the end. If you want to read the whole article, the link is below this post. What I found most interesting was the comment made by Gov. Deval Patrick from the State of Massachusetts.

“Whether we mourn one primary campaign or celebrate another, our cause is not fulfilled”, he said. “Coming together is our responsibility.”

First of all, I would like to state for the record that I don’t think very many Clinton Supporters are mourning right now, we are way too enthusiastically torqued to be anywhere near the wearing of the black armbands. We have our noses to the grindstones, fingers to the keys and ears to the phones to be paying much attention to kleenex.

Secondly, let’s toss around that little old concept of responsibility, shall we? Wow, where do I start? The Media and their irresponsible slanting of the primaries including the race card and the exclusion of the sexism card? The DNC for putting what has turned out to be a fiasco together in backroom deals and shady places. Nancy Pelosi, for pushing the SD’s to pick a side by the last primary? The Rules & Bylaws Committee for not only disenfranchising two states, but awarding uncommitted delegates to Barack Obama plus 4 of Senator Clinton’s delegate to boot? The democratic party leaders for not standing up and defending Senator Clinton when flagrant sexist remarks, comments, cartoons, and dolls were bandied about? The delegates for not sticking with their constituencys? Let’s not forget Howard Dean. How could anyone forget Howie? I am not even going to get started on what makes my hair turn to flames in regards to his behavior.

No, it seems that responsibility is just a word to quite a few folks inside politics, but not to us. I don’t think it matters where in the country you were raised, what religion or faith, what school you went to. It has been my understanding that most people actually do mature, have good manners, and become more responsible after they become conscious at the age of 25 or so. That being said, where does our responsibility lie? I can already hear you all talking at once. Yes, yes, our responsiblity as true democrats is to make the irresponsible among us (and you know who you are) own up and be accountable. For us now, it is to maintain the coalition, maintain the strength of our voices and our message, to continue to support Senator Clinton and anyone who supports her, and to help each other! Please start thinking about what will happen when the DNC decides to cancel the convention. God knows what cockamamie excuse they will have for that, but it seems probable. They have pushed this unqualified, unelectable candidate as far as the envelope will stretch; there’s not much more play to be had, and the republicans are being pretty dandy-footed about the whole race so far.

Personally, what the RBC did on May 31st was probably the most horrific thing I have witnessed since the Challenger explosion. Same reaction; speechless, agast, tearful. I saw the death of democracy on that day.

I will be working for true democracy; every vote is counted and there is fair reflection to those votes. No more secret meetings behind closed doors and secret votes. I am an American first, an Indie second. I am fighting right alongside dems, indies, and repubs who know that Senator Clinton is the person we need to get thru this approaching hurricane and she is the most responsible one of the bunch.



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